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I’m a writer.

I’ve been diving back into the blogging/writing world these days. As the end of my technical writing certification program draws near I’m trying to turn what I do towards the internet, blogging, writing, and editing. I’ll ALWAYS be a blogger… I like to ramble and emote and post pretty pictures of things too much to give that title away. But as I plan towards my future, and my family’s future, I crave security and flexibility (of the freelance writing career I will hopefully build for myself). THUS, I will now start calling myself a writer.

“Oh, I’m a writer. Technical, editorial, how-to, blogging, marketing and the web. “- Me, somewhere sometime soon telling someone what I do

I’ve always labeled myself as a creative, whether that be in reference to my writing experience, crafting experience or general personality. I’m pushing 30 now and my hankering to organize every life detail into a handy to-do list may have proven otherwise… I’m organized, structured, and detail-oriented. So perhaps I’m not as much a proclaimed creative as I’d like to be, but I’m definitely a fantastically efficient mish-mash of zany + logical.

bi-weekly Farmhouse CSA delivery

What blogging and writing have I done you say? You certainly haven’t seen any here on my blog, I’ve deserted it off and on for quite a while now. I’ve been doing some food writing for The Homegrown Revival, some blogging for Feliz (it’s going to be spectacular!), some DIY writing and some technical writing. I’m widening my breadth of knowledge and technical capability in the HOPES that I will be a bad-ass one woman writerly show.

Shameless self promotion alert (portfolio buildin’): If you know of any opportunities for technical writing (user guides, manuals, proposals, white papers, how-tos etc.), crafty/artsy writing, blogging, newsletter design etc. please hit me up! I need to whip a portfolio into shape.

new succulent from the Mueller Farmer's Market

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Asos Curve

I am loving the Asos Curve selection at Curvy girls just get the shaft when it comes to clothing. We can’t shop at most stores, and sure you can scour the web for cute finds… but what happens more often than not (unless you really know your measurements that correlate with that brand’s sizing) is that you get something in the mail and it doesn’t fit. Then you have to pay to ship it back, and start the process all over again. I hate the waiting, the uncertainty and ESPECIALLY getting excited to receive a new package in the mail only to put it on and be disappointed. Girls, do you know where I’m coming from? I can’t be the only one.

The lovely inspirational Frocks & Frou has been a big kickstarter for me. She’s a practical fashionista and always posts the most amazing fashion updates on what she wears (and I normally HATE those posts… perhaps because I feel subpar?). But really, it’s time to get dressed each day and love what I’m looking at. And that doesn’t mean spending a ton OR not feeling like myself.

Lately I’ve been doing a bit more exploring in the online realm of curvy (or plus size) clothing. A few sites that I’ve been frequenting as of late include Dorothy Perkins, eShakti and Asos. Poke around, let me know what you think. Part of what lit this clothing fire underneath my arse was when I stepped into my closet and realized that all my clothing was either drab, ill-fitting or cheap. I didn’t feel good in much of anything that was in there… and even though I’m self-conscious about my body image I STILL want to feel like I look pretty sometimes.


So the hunt is on… I want to bulk up my wardrobe without spending too much, likely one piece at a time. I usually check these sites for sales pretty regularly (and always look for coupon codes to boot), and can sometimes find some decent deals. Some Asos looks I’m loving:

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And they teach us about ourselves

I had a harried day. This morning I had to call and raise hell with the utilities company here in Austin. They can’t seem to comprehend an address change to the house next door. Then I got some bad news from my work regarding taking time off for SXSW (the music event of the year, mind you). And to top it all of, the new pair of pants I got in the mail, after returning them once because the sizing was wonky, stretched into huge pants while I was at work and I felt uncomfortable and icky all day.

It’s just been one of those days. It happens… and sometimes these days are the hardest to get past for me. They put me in a funk, a mood. And then my neighbor knocked on the door. She had just seen a car hit a cat in the street and drive away. The cat had hobbled up into a side yard and collapsed. My husband ended up taking it to the emergency vet, where the cat passed way.

It wasn’t my cat. It wasn’t my fault. In fact, we did everything we could to help it. But it just feels heart-wrenching. We put so much into taking care of our three pets. They’re our family, our pack, our loves. Sure, they’re animals… housepets. But they’ve taught me so much about myself, about other people and about love. I feel sorrowful for this tabby cat that died today, but I feel lucky to be around my little family, human and pet alike.

And I think we’re going to rescue another cat.

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A wee taste

So you want to know what’s up in the world of Spangler? We’ve slowly been hanging art and such in our house. The process is slow… we got burnt out after our painting marathon. Want a wee taste via really grainy Instagram (follow me @shrielenee) photos? Sure you do!

Hang tight for a real deal house tour… you know, when we get everything set up just right. So FOREVER from now.

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Pantone Markers and schtuff

Okay, hold the phone. These Pantone Markers are DELICIOUS. I’m such a geek for Pantone colors, and markers.. oh my! I have hundreds of markers, glitter pens, colored pencils, crayons etc. I just adore them.

Behold these beauties, just waiting to be pressed to some fine gorgeous card stock! Gorgeous. Want.

Life has been… challenging lately. I started a new job, which is really kind of on the edge of my dream job. I’m FINALLY working in music (sorta) and I’m FINALLY getting paid to write and blog about bands. Switching from a work at home attitude to a work at the office during specified hours attitude has been difficult though. Add a new job + school + still trying to craft for my Etsy shop + blogging for Austin Craft Riot + volunteering as Online Publicity Coordinator for Austin Pets Alive! and you’ve got ONE BUSY BEE named Shrie!

Life is oh so busy. But I’m trying to soak up the good parts, deal with the bad parts, and just grow. Things are exciting! Things are good, but things are in flux. Sometimes it’s hard to see the big picture amidst all the worries, gripes, adjustments and hardships of daily life. But I’m working on that…

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Moleskin launches new products

Moleskine, the notebook of the design and geeky crowds, will be launching a new product line of bags, pencils, pens, reading glasses, computer cases, a rechargeable reading light and an e-reader. Everything a writerly art type could want!

The design of these new items (offered in one of either the reading, writing or traveling collections) takes a hint from the simple, black, rounded cornered Moleskine notebooks themselves. I’m intrigued to see what these items do, in fact, look like. The simplicity of the Moleskin notebook can’t really be beat. It’s an absolute classic.

(via Core77)

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Wacky Moving Christmas Craziness

We’re in the midst of moving, from Seattle to Austin. Things are crazy, our Christmas is in shambles, we’re a little discombobulated…. I’ll be back after the New Year, in a new place, making a new start!

Wish us luck…

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Breakfast: banana squared

Banana bread + a banana + Earl Grey tea in a mug. Sorta healthy, very delicious.

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I used to thrift shop a lot. Back in college, where there were more thrift stores in my town than department stores, it was easy, cost-effective and stylish to dress in thrift store goods. These days I’m less into vintage t-shirts and more into the amazing kitsch you can find in those dusty palaces of discarded goods (one man’s trash!).

With the re-opening of my Etsy shop, my eye has been keen for cutesy little pieces in good condition that I can list for resale. It’s hard not to keep them all! Especially this adorable pomegranate wall hanging. And I hate to break it to ya, but I’m keeping this sweet vintage plate AND this pheasant wall art. They’re just too good to let go of.


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Blog Find: Switch Entry Caddy

Switch Entry Caddy

What an ingenious little idea! I found this smart little number on Apartment Therapy, and if I wasn’t such a klutz about knocking things over (or had a measly few pieces of mail to look through) this would be a fab option for our household! It’s powder-coated aluminum, so I’m guessing it wouldn’t tear up easily. And installation is as easy as one-two-screw.

Our mail intake is a little too bulky for this slim and trim version. But perhaps the power shelf would be more useful? Aesthetically, not so pleasing but EVER so useful!

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Urban Craft Uprising and new friends

I attended my first Urban Craft Uprising in Seattle this weekend! My friend Kiki and I went towards the last half of the second day on Sunday. I had fears that everything would be sold out and the fair would be a ghost town, but the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall was actually teeming with people. We saw many great vendors, bought some gifts for others and a few little ones for ourselves (button rings via Greenbelts!).

shower art by Ugly Baby

I stopped by longtime favorite Rosalie Gale’s shower art Ugly Baby booth and was tempted to buy one of her pieces again, but resisted! They’re great for gifts, and we even kept one for ourselves which says “Love handles are soft and sexy”. It’s positive affirmation in the morning, let me tell ya.

I was also able to meet and hang out with Bread and Badger lovelies Amanda and Sean. Their etched glass pint glasses, stemware and other doodads are just swell and make great holiday gifts. I’ve personally bought a couple of items from them and they are top notch. They love beer, good home-cooked food and rad company so we got along fabulously!


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Cheap-o Neat-o Gift Guide

This year our gift-giving grand total will be much lower than last year’s. And from what I’ve seen and heard, that’s the norm this holiday season. People just aren’t spending as much, and they’re looking for unique and handmade gifts as opposed to over-priced store-bought items that hundreds of people ALSO bought for their loved ones. Ack!

So here’s my ode to you budget-friendly, handmade shoppers in need of some refreshing, and perhaps quirky, gifts for the loved ones. I wouldn’t turn away ANY of these fine items. Would you?

cutting board by Fine Little Shop - $32

These kitchen cutting boards are so decorative that I’m not sure I’d want to cut things on them! Hang them in the kitchen perhaps? I love the quirky cross-stitch-style design. Other fancy designy cutting boards can be found in Fine Little Shop’s Big Cartel shop.

Headphones Hand-printed Letterpress Poster by Roll and Tumble Press - $20

I’ve bought a couple of prints from Roll and Tumble Press and they are vibrant, good quality prints. Their letterpress prints are all handmade, and they have a variety of snarky and downright cute designs to fit anyone’s personality. I especially love this Read Between The Lines print and this Living In Sin sampler (we lived in sign for a LONG time!). Couple this with a vintage frame, or a clipboard to hang it from on the wall and you’ve got yourself an inexpensive, awesome art gift!

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I pledged to buy handmade!

I really try to make and give as many handmade items as possible, and this holiday season is no different. I’ve pledged to buy handmade this year for many reasons:

1) support artists and their handmade goods

2) you won’t see ANYONE walking around with the same shirt or hat on

3) as a crafter myself, it feels good to perpetuate the near-lost importance of making things with your hands.

If you don’t take my word for it, and want to learn more, here is some information and inspiration to step outside of big-box stores and go handmade this year.

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new Etsy banner design

I tweaked my logo a bit, specifically my Etsy banner and avatar and my Twitter avatar. I was feeling like my original was a bit overdone and I want to distance myself from the “eye”, as it was a piece of clip art I threw in to spice things up. I should have taken my own advice: SIMPLE is the most effective.

You can still see the old logo here on WordPress. But DO check out the new one on my Etsy shop and on my Twitter page and let me know what you think!

ALSO! New creative ideas on the forefront: mobiles made out of reclaimed branches and handmade sewn doo-dads and cheery bunting flags!

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Under Construction

I’m working on the page layout, and other elements, of this blog. What you see may not be what I intend the final product to be. Keep checking back! Change is a’coming.

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Fallen Princesses

Snow White and Barefoot

Via Design Crush I saw this absolutely gorgeous collection of images from the Fallen Princesses project, of Dina Goldstein and JPG magazine.


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Handmade Marketing

Through various blog perusing (okay, I was looking for ways to promote MY blog) I came across a magnificent resource! >

handmade Marketing

HandmadeMarketing is a one-stop shop for resources and info pertaining to marketing your own handmade goods and/or shop (duh, the name says it all!). They cover everything from how to shoot a good product photo, to how to write your shop profile to drive more buyers to sell to the the most effective way to advertise to your niche market.

They also have fab badges, so you can show off your handmade savviness all over your web presence.

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