I attended my first Urban Craft Uprising in Seattle this weekend! My friend Kiki and I went towards the last half of the second day on Sunday. I had fears that everything would be sold out and the fair would be a ghost town, but the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall was actually teeming with people. We saw many great vendors, bought some gifts for others and a few little ones for ourselves (button rings via Greenbelts!).

shower art by Ugly Baby

I stopped by longtime favorite Rosalie Gale’s shower art Ugly Baby booth and was tempted to buy one of her pieces again, but resisted! They’re great for gifts, and we even kept one for ourselves which says “Love handles are soft and sexy”. It’s positive affirmation in the morning, let me tell ya.

I was also able to meet and hang out with Bread and Badger lovelies Amanda and Sean. Their etched glass pint glasses, stemware and other doodads are just swell and make great holiday gifts. I’ve personally bought a couple of items from them and they are top notch. They love beer, good home-cooked food and rad company so we got along fabulously!

Here’s a list of some of the great vendors we encountered at the UCU this weekend:

  • Foamy Wader – some classic, some retro, all handcrafted and stunning jewelry
  • 100 Flowers – bold east meets west designs on notebooks, shirts etc., specializes in old Chinese propaganda art
  • Flipside Hats – reversible hats made out of attractive and quality materials, loved the look of these!
  • Idolatre – fantastically frisky lingerie, sleepwear, hats and corsets
  • Greenbelts – recycled and revamped button rings, embellished leather belts, fancy leather dog and kitty collars
  • Tako Fibers – crewel embroidery kits and instructions (the end product looks amazing!)

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