I was born and raised in rural east Texas, in a small town with one blinking light and a gas station + snack bar + pizzeria whose parking lot was perpetually packed with lifted trucks. I fled that small town to a much bigger town with a liberal university and lots of people with piercings. I earned a degree in journalism, of all things, which was a decision that has all but guaranteed that I will never, ever make very much money.

During college I scored an older guy with a real job and attractive facial hair, who also likes to cook, and I clung on for dear life. We up and moved to Seattle, therefore crushing my parent’s hearts to bits, where I proceeded to score my first full-time job, intern with a super record label, write for other various websites, get married and really start to become a writer of sorts.

My husband and I have four furry children of both the cat and dog persuasion, whom we dote on endlessly. We now reside in our home state’s music capital of Austin, where I’m currently wading my way through the intricate ins and outs of technical writing at a big-o company. I also dabble in crafty endeavors, peer-pressuring, kite flying and fantasy-footballing.


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