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House Warp: Unexpected Art

First of all, this photo is stunning. At first glance I was sure a nuclear missile had been haphazardly shot through this house and bystanders just happened to be there gawking.

OF COURSE, that’s not the case. This is a fantastic art installation by Dan Havel and Dean Ruck. They altered two houses in the Montrose neighborhood of Houston, TX.


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Typography + Geometry

I’m a sucker for typography. I love the way letters LOOK and can make a word or piece of text FEEL. Enter Jonathan Calugi! I found some of his work via grain edit and I’m in love. His use of clean whimsical design and beautiful type is really rather refreshing.

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Lo & Behold: The Dawning

This is the first post for my new website, in an attempt to form an identity and presence on the web.

I’ve begun making and crafting things that I love, and I’m eager to share that with the world. My vision has broadened and I’m determined to realize my own potential, and become my own boss someday. Until then, I’m going to plug away on the webz, promote my work and explore new creative and business endeavors.

This is the new me, the business woman, the crafter, the entrepreneur, the ARTIST. Watch me go, follow my trail.

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