This year our gift-giving grand total will be much lower than last year’s. And from what I’ve seen and heard, that’s the norm this holiday season. People just aren’t spending as much, and they’re looking for unique and handmade gifts as opposed to over-priced store-bought items that hundreds of people ALSO bought for their loved ones. Ack!

So here’s my ode to you budget-friendly, handmade shoppers in need of some refreshing, and perhaps quirky, gifts for the loved ones. I wouldn’t turn away ANY of these fine items. Would you?

cutting board by Fine Little Shop - $32

These kitchen cutting boards are so decorative that I’m not sure I’d want to cut things on them! Hang them in the kitchen perhaps? I love the quirky cross-stitch-style design. Other fancy designy cutting boards can be found in Fine Little Shop’s Big Cartel shop.

Headphones Hand-printed Letterpress Poster by Roll and Tumble Press - $20

I’ve bought a couple of prints from Roll and Tumble Press and they are vibrant, good quality prints. Their letterpress prints are all handmade, and they have a variety of snarky and downright cute designs to fit anyone’s personality. I especially love this Read Between The Lines print and this Living In Sin sampler (we lived in sign for a LONG time!). Couple this with a vintage frame, or a clipboard to hang it from on the wall and you’ve got yourself an inexpensive, awesome art gift!

Man Candle in Recycled Beer Bottle by KoiKouture - $28

Men scoff at smelly candles… but what if they were in “man” scents? These ridiculous candles are in scents like TRAILER PARK, HAM & CHEESE SANDWICH ON RYE and FRESH CUT GRASS, just for your manly man (or woman). The candles are housed in recycled Rogue Brewery beer bottles (northwest represent!) and are “hand crafted in a studio full of power tools and beer, while Whitesnake plays in the background”. You can’t get much more manly than that. I love these candles!

Bang Bang cast iron wall hanging by Monkey and Squirrel - $16

I’m a Texan, it’s true. That’s why this rustic, very Texas-like wall hanging appeals to me. I’m pretty familiar with guns as well, but that’s a whole OTHER story I’ll have to tell sometime. Squirrel and Monkey make homemade goodies for the home, and seem to specialize in cast iron hooks and hangings. I’m also deeply in love with this lovely mermaid lady and am really digging the quasi-patriotic sense of this eagle door knocker.

Ladybug Poppy Apron by Jessie Steele - $32.95

Now this is a snazzy apron. I’m no cook in the kitchen, that’s the hub’s job, but during the rare times that I do a bit of baking I’d love to be sporting one of these dandy Jessie Steele numbers. My favorites are the understated vintage look of the woven houndstooth apron and the 50s kitchen apron. They have regular-style chef’s aprons as well, like this skull apron and these classic damask style aprons. Come to think of it, these aprons may look best without much underneath them. Whew!

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