I am loving the Asos Curve selection at Asos.com. Curvy girls just get the shaft when it comes to clothing. We can’t shop at most stores, and sure you can scour the web for cute finds… but what happens more often than not (unless you really know your measurements that correlate with that brand’s sizing) is that you get something in the mail and it doesn’t fit. Then you have to pay to ship it back, and start the process all over again. I hate the waiting, the uncertainty and ESPECIALLY getting excited to receive a new package in the mail only to put it on and be disappointed. Girls, do you know where I’m coming from? I can’t be the only one.

The lovely inspirational Frocks & Frou has been a big kickstarter for me. She’s a practical fashionista and always posts the most amazing fashion updates on what she wears (and I normally HATE those posts… perhaps because I feel subpar?). But really, it’s time to get dressed each day and love what I’m looking at. And that doesn’t mean spending a ton OR not feeling like myself.

Lately I’ve been doing a bit more exploring in the online realm of curvy (or plus size) clothing. A few sites that I’ve been frequenting as of late include Dorothy Perkins, eShakti and Asos. Poke around, let me know what you think. Part of what lit this clothing fire underneath my arse was when I stepped into my closet and realized that all my clothing was either drab, ill-fitting or cheap. I didn’t feel good in much of anything that was in there… and even though I’m self-conscious about my body image I STILL want to feel like I look pretty sometimes.


So the hunt is on… I want to bulk up my wardrobe without spending too much, likely one piece at a time. I usually check these sites for sales pretty regularly (and always look for coupon codes to boot), and can sometimes find some decent deals. Some Asos looks I’m loving:

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