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Tempting Tutorials: simple decor DIY

My style would not be considered minimalistic. The concept of that sounds grand, but when it comes down to it my dream abode would be chock full of kitschy wonder, granny afghans, crayon box color and a teensy bit of glitter. A place where homey meets retro, where my collection of beer koozies can be displayed prominently on a floating wood shelf and my oodles of weird collections have homes.

Likewise, I’m drawn to these fun and simple DIY tutorials that can add a little panache to your space and your life.

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Book Page Fabric

Paper Garland

Chalkboard Globe

Lace Stenciled Frames

My husband, the science and map geek, would adore this chalkboard globe in particular! And I am a lover of lace and spray paint, so I’m certain that project will get attention from the Spangler household in the near future!

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Polly Danger’s Custom Tear-Off Notepad DIY

My sweet e-friend, and amazingly awesome penpal, Mrs. Polly Danger featured a very useful tutorial on her blog this week for custom tear-off notepads. These would be a great gift (perfect for teachers!) or stocking stuffer, but would also make a great addition to your OWN paper and stationery collection as well. Think of the customization possibilities!

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Tutorials from The Long Thread

Holy cupcake, I’m a sucker for tutorials. If they’re simple and quirky, you’ve won me over before we even got started! A friend of mine, Lynnea from Squid Ink Kollective, posted a link to these tutorials on her Facebook page and I was immediately intrigued. A big long LIST of TUTORIALS you say? Okay.

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Rollin’ rollin’ rollin’ into the holiday season

Just a few bits o’ news for you to chew on… my new feature, “Scrapbustin’ Holiday DIYs” is up at IndieFixx.com! I love doing tutorial roundups. There are so many great DIY projects out there, and with the holidays rolling around, I’m hoping these ideas get a few people rollin’ in the DIY direction.

I created a very fall-like “Gift of Autumn” Etsy treasury to feature some of my favorite Etsy artists. My cupcake wall art was featured in Blue Owl Vintage’s Cupacupacupa Cupcakes! treasury (thanks Amie!). One of my pin cushion listings was featured in a “Sew what do you want for Christmas” treasury, my super geeky Floppy Drive necklace was nabbed for the “Gift for the Geek” treasury AND my super bee-utiful Coral Hawk tote bag was featured in the “Oh the Beauty” treasury as well. Whew! That’s a lot of schtuff.

Oh! And I’m spending a long week in Denver this weekend to visit my very best friend Jamie and her new baby Jasmine! It will be my first time seeing Jasmine, and the Taylor family as a party of three. I’m very excited, and kinda nervous… I feel like this will be the baby litmus test. Do I wanna? Or do I not wanna?

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Tempting Tutorials: tea towels, zippered bags and storage books

My heart and brain is screaming for some sit-down crafty autumn time. Now that the weather is slowly changing and football season is in full swing my eyes have been turning towards DIYs and little projects and crafts I can do at home on the lazy weekend days. Now if only I had time to complete all these amazing tutorials I find!

Brenna’s Secret Storage Books are inconspicuous, stylish and upcycled!

Good for more than just pencils, this zippered case tutorial is flexible enough that you can alter the overall size of the bag to accommodate your needs!

This Fat Quarter Baby Blanket is so sweet, and uses minimal yardage!

It’s no secret I love bunting. I love bunting… my husband loves to cook.. I think this bunting tea towel is right up our alley!

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Doily Projects

I mentioned my granny-love of doilies before, and when I saw this round up of doily projects from How About Orange I squeed my pants!

I just happened to have scored a small string of vintage doilies from a yard sale last weekend… so my wittle brain is conniving a project. I’m thinking the drawstring bag is right up my alley. Maybe a shoe bag? Maybe a take-out craft bag?

Geez… I really need to get some pics up here of some awesome crafty items I’ve made recently! Stop slacking Shrie! Have you made anything with doilies? Do tell!

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Tempting Tutorials: twisty ties, custom tiles, newspaper bags

This is “Tempting Tutorials” round two! I’m loving that I can gather these ideas that I see everywhere in one place so I can refer back to them later. I sooo wish I was independently wealthy so I could sit around all day doing project after project, crafting awesomeness at every turn. Oh dreams..

Here are four very practical, simple and pretty tutorials to brighten up your lives. I REALLY want to go make these twisty ties right this second!

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Tempting Tutorials: hydrangeas, bows and household cleaners

I’m trying something new… sometimes more scheduled and organized to help me break out of my blog rut and be more productive! Let’s start with “Tempting Tutorials”, a new feature I’m going to try to put together every so often (maybe once a week) to showcase some tutorials and DIYs that I really wanna get my hands dirty with. I see so many fab projects, and my little hands only have so much time to complete them… so I’m passing them on to you. A little inspiration perhaps?

I used to LOOOOVE taking those little tissue paper pieces, sticking them on the end of my pencil and then gluing them down on paper to make shapes or artwork when I was a kiddo in school. It’s so inexpensive and fun, and Cathe over at Just Something I Made takes it that elementary school idea and turns it into a bright and elegant project with her Tissue Hydrangea Pins. Plus, you’re reusing and recycling items you may already have around your house. Win – win!

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New in shop and Offbeat Bride tutorials

I’ve been working like a dog… okay not really. But I have been making lots of stuff! Here are just some new items, from my crafty hands and into my Etsy shop! I did a three part series on Offbeat Bride on “How to create a festive wedding banner”, and this amazing floral bunting was part three of that three part series. You can see the tutorials for part one and part two as well.

Spring Floral Bunting Banner

Sassy Cotton and Chenille Burp Cloths

Bold Cotton and Flannel Burp Cloths

Embroidered Vintage Linen Floral Brooch

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Mapenvelop Tutorial

I spied these nifty Google Maps Envelopes while perusing the Craftzine.com blog and was smitten. Designer Beste Miray Dogan made up this  Mapenvelop, an envelope with a map of the place in which the letter originated, using Stephen’s template .

They’re cute, quirky and AWESOME to get in the mail. If you flip the idea around a bit, print out envelope liners with the location of your event and send them out with your invites, your envelope is doing double-duty. Plus, they just look super neat.

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