I’m trying something new… sometimes more scheduled and organized to help me break out of my blog rut and be more productive! Let’s start with “Tempting Tutorials”, a new feature I’m going to try to put together every so often (maybe once a week) to showcase some tutorials and DIYs that I really wanna get my hands dirty with. I see so many fab projects, and my little hands only have so much time to complete them… so I’m passing them on to you. A little inspiration perhaps?

I used to LOOOOVE taking those little tissue paper pieces, sticking them on the end of my pencil and then gluing them down on paper to make shapes or artwork when I was a kiddo in school. It’s so inexpensive and fun, and Cathe over at Just Something I Made takes it that elementary school idea and turns it into a bright and elegant project with her Tissue Hydrangea Pins. Plus, you’re reusing and recycling items you may already have around your house. Win – win!

I have a couple of adorable dresses that need a little sumthin’ sumthin’ around the waist to cinch it up and cute-ify it, and I think these DIY Bow Belts from Tilly and the Buttons might just do the trick! You can use fabric scraps for this DIY, so it’s a real stash-buster.

Tilly is a self-professed beginner in the sewing department, which goes to show you that even with limited skill you can whip up some pretty darn cute and useful things. You could even make a headband using this tutorial!

I’m sorta over harsh chemicals in my cleaning products, and have been meaning to mix up my own concoction to replace some standard household cleaners we currently have. It just seems like a little less of the 26 letter words in the ingredients list might be a better thing.

Chantilly, maven of one of my go-to blogs My Girl Thursday, posted a little how-to for making an all-around household cleaner that I’m for surely going to try. I think I already have all of the ingredients!

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