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Blog Find: Fences Unhinged

Fences came about out of necessity. Luckily, people these days have a sense of humor and have turned the boring (yet lovely) black wrought-in or white picket fence look into something a little more evocative of our individual selves.

DIYed, salvaged, homegrown, hand-sewn, organic, expensive or cheap… fences can be made in ALL shapes and sizes and out of all sorts of materials. I’m loving the inspiration in these photos.

As seen on CrookedBrains.net, where more examples of kooky fences can be found.

*I previously ogled a fantastic fence here and then saw a reproduction of it in front of a house on Lake Sammamish near my home!

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Blog Find: Alexander Girard Bicycles

Oh my. I adore Alexander Girard’s designs. They’re playful and primary, without coming off as childish. That’s why I almost shrieked out loud when I spotted these gorgeous two-wheeled lovelies on Apartment Therapy.

These images find me dreaming of sunny yet cool days spent slowly peddling around town, browsing farmers’ markets and shops. Carefree.


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My creative energy has been a whir of indecision drowned in a bucket of lofty ideas. I have grand notions and undiscovered talent in these hands, but lack the time (focus?) to complete my vision.

Along with my full-time job, getting married in Texas in March, our four crazy pets, trying to find a house to move into in a month, my Etsy shop, my writing for OffbeatBride.com (which has been scarce unfortunately) and my music writing for ThreeImaginaryGirls.com, I’ve barely had time to sit on my tush for a second.

My focus needs to be on my Etsy shop, on freelancing my writing and on finding a new job that will give me some good experience on paper. Ideally I want to run my own business someday, so my thoughts are moving in that direction.

What would be a good business to run from the internet?
What skills/crafts do I have to offer?
Is it realistic to make a career this way?
Do I opt for crafty/artsy or businessy/marketing?

Thoughts are swirling in my head and I need to hone in on some real plans, a light at the end of the tunnel per say, a goal to be reached. I’m goal-driven and not comfortable with no planning, though I’m trying to live on the edge a bit more these days. I think in the coming days I’ll use this blog to outline my ideas and flesh out my thoughts in regards the my Etsy shop and career path.

I don’t want this blog to only be about crafting and design. I want my readers to be able to view me as a person, struggles and all. Plus, as a list-maker and organizer, it’s imperative for me to get these thoughts out of my head and into my ever-evolving day-dreaming daily thought processes.

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Shop Spot(light): Three Potato Four

In my interwebz searching around I find the most amazing, cool things. Things I can’t wait to get for my home, things that make me feel good and take notice!

I want to share these things with you, so I’ve started a new tag/post that I will try to do semi-regularly called “Shop Spot(light)”. This is the first of the series, and I’m spotlighting Three Potato Four. Though not a bargain home decor store, these guys have such rad finds I couldn’t resist!

>> This fresh little number would be darling in a kid’s room of course, but also as a potholder hanger in a vintage kitchen or as a towel hanger in a bathroom. It would even be a great way to hang some key jewelry that you wear a lot.


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PoppyTalk's 70 Reasons to Buy Handmade

When I’m buying a gift for a friend or family member, or really anyone for that matter, I always think handmade first. Granted, it’s easier to go to Target and pick out something cutesy and plastic, but there is something special and real about buying a gift for someone that was made by a person who puts a little love into each item they create.


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Paper Punches Rule

Fun with paper punchesLately I’ve been buying some fabulous paper hang tags through Etsy sellers, one of which is Farouche (who makes fab tags… go buy some).

Yesterday I was feeling adventurous though, and after raffling through odd-shaped paper scraps and slightly bent cardstock leftovers I decided to make my own!


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Alphabet Blocks on Steroids

Old, heavy behemoth wooden furniture is cool. I don’t care how many pieces I get at Ikea, the feeling of owning the furniture is just not the same.  As a newly married woman we don’t have a lot of income for expensive furniture pieces. And we definitely don’t have a baby.

(– both are instances in which I think it is appropriate to think about buying such a fine item such as this –>)

But if I did, you better bet your britches I’d be looking into this. This is just too charming, twenty six drawers from A to Z. At a whopping £2700 it better be made out of kryptonite and withstand a stampede of elephants.  Still, I long.

Kent & London Alphabet Drawers

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The Lorna House

I’ve always considered myself a 30s bungalow kind of girl, craving a  sweet front porch, built in bookshelves and fat crown moldings, and to a certain extent I am. But as my tastes have changed I find myself veering towards the more modern mid-century design, a style that I believe melds warmness and comfort with modern and clean design.


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Under Construction

I’m working on the page layout, and other elements, of this blog. What you see may not be what I intend the final product to be. Keep checking back! Change is a’coming.

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Don't fence me in: modern color

This fence paint job SCREAMS us. My favorite color, my husband’s favorite color.. in a bold yet simple way. LOVE.


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Fallen Princesses

Snow White and Barefoot

Via Design Crush I saw this absolutely gorgeous collection of images from the Fallen Princesses project, of Dina Goldstein and JPG magazine.


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The Adventure School

Once upon a time, after already completing a regular degree, I decided to go back to school to learn Web Design. One wedding and a while living in the (expensive) NW later I had to take a sabbatical.

This website has reaffirmed my longing for my web design goal. I WILL learn it. I will… someday. (Be sure to click through to the awesomely animated site)


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Hook It Up: Vintage Hooks

Vintage is good. Sometimes modern and quirky design makes my eyes tired… sometimes I need to see something with rust on it and southern charm ingrained (casualty of my upbringing?) in it.

While scanning a Design Sponge Sneak Peak of illustrator Nick Dewar’s California home I noticed this fantastic hook, which Nick reports is from Hook Lady.

I’m in love with the charm and rustic patina of these hooks. I especially love the horse hooks and the elegant mermaid door knocker!


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Handmade Marketing

Through various blog perusing (okay, I was looking for ways to promote MY blog) I came across a magnificent resource! > HandmadeMarketing.org

handmade Marketing

HandmadeMarketing is a one-stop shop for resources and info pertaining to marketing your own handmade goods and/or shop (duh, the name says it all!). They cover everything from how to shoot a good product photo, to how to write your shop profile to drive more buyers to sell to the the most effective way to advertise to your niche market.

They also have fab badges, so you can show off your handmade savviness all over your web presence.

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House Warp: Unexpected Art

First of all, this photo is stunning. At first glance I was sure a nuclear missile had been haphazardly shot through this house and bystanders just happened to be there gawking.

OF COURSE, that’s not the case. This is a fantastic art installation by Dan Havel and Dean Ruck. They altered two houses in the Montrose neighborhood of Houston, TX.


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Typography + Geometry

I’m a sucker for typography. I love the way letters LOOK and can make a word or piece of text FEEL. Enter Jonathan Calugi! I found some of his work via grain edit and I’m in love. His use of clean whimsical design and beautiful type is really rather refreshing.

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Lo & Behold: The Dawning

This is the first post for my new website, in an attempt to form an identity and presence on the web.

I’ve begun making and crafting things that I love, and I’m eager to share that with the world. My vision has broadened and I’m determined to realize my own potential, and become my own boss someday. Until then, I’m going to plug away on the webz, promote my work and explore new creative and business endeavors.

This is the new me, the business woman, the crafter, the entrepreneur, the ARTIST. Watch me go, follow my trail.

Music Writing via ThreeImaginaryGirls.com

Web Editorial Writing via OffbeatBride.com

Lo & Behold Etsy via shrielenee.etsy.com

Lo & Behold Twitter via twitter.com/lo_and_behold

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