My creative energy has been a whir of indecision drowned in a bucket of lofty ideas. I have grand notions and undiscovered talent in these hands, but lack the time (focus?) to complete my vision.

Along with my full-time job, getting married in Texas in March, our four crazy pets, trying to find a house to move into in a month, my Etsy shop, my writing for (which has been scarce unfortunately) and my music writing for, I’ve barely had time to sit on my tush for a second.

My focus needs to be on my Etsy shop, on freelancing my writing and on finding a new job that will give me some good experience on paper. Ideally I want to run my own business someday, so my thoughts are moving in that direction.

What would be a good business to run from the internet?
What skills/crafts do I have to offer?
Is it realistic to make a career this way?
Do I opt for crafty/artsy or businessy/marketing?

Thoughts are swirling in my head and I need to hone in on some real plans, a light at the end of the tunnel per say, a goal to be reached. I’m goal-driven and not comfortable with no planning, though I’m trying to live on the edge a bit more these days. I think in the coming days I’ll use this blog to outline my ideas and flesh out my thoughts in regards the my Etsy shop and career path.

I don’t want this blog to only be about crafting and design. I want my readers to be able to view me as a person, struggles and all. Plus, as a list-maker and organizer, it’s imperative for me to get these thoughts out of my head and into my ever-evolving day-dreaming daily thought processes.

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