I’ve always considered myself a 30s bungalow kind of girl, craving a  sweet front porch, built in bookshelves and fat crown moldings, and to a certain extent I am. But as my tastes have changed I find myself veering towards the more modern mid-century design, a style that I believe melds warmness and comfort with modern and clean design.

I think I may have just found my dream house. It’s not JUST the architecture, though Ralph Haver may be my new hero for this space-age ranch home design. It’s also the incredibly awesome aesthetic and sense of design that previous owner Shawn Kaffer has infused into this home.

Galvanized steel and spiky grass introduce you to the house’s cool gray concrete front, yet inside the feeling is anything but cold. The juxtaposition of hard/soft and dark/light are what really draw me in.

And there is NO better material for a kitchen than stainless steel. Dog bless stainless steel countertops. I’m swooning for the Lorna House.

via the illustrious Apartment Therapy

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