When I’m buying a gift for a friend or family member, or really anyone for that matter, I always think handmade first. Granted, it’s easier to go to Target and pick out something cutesy and plastic, but there is something special and real about buying a gift for someone that was made by a person who puts a little love into each item they create.

<full disclosure: I shop at Target.>

As a regular reader of Poppy Talk, I was delighted to see this roundup of reasons why everyone should buy handmade. Read the whole thing… it will give you irrefutable reasons why you should put in that extra effort, and sometimes cash, to buy handmade.

70 Reasons to Buy Handmade & Vintage (excerpt below)

No. 1. help contribute to establishing a new economic model, Sonja Ahlers

This month, to accompany our Home Sweet Home Market, we bring you 70 reasons to buy handmade (and vintage). Why 70 you ask? There are 70 participants in our market, with 70 amazing items that no one else has! One-of-a-kind items, limited editions or at least not mass produced! This will be a continuing post we will be happy to provide throughout the market month. Accompanying these beautiful products are 70 reasons we pulled from our 101 Reasons to Buy Handmade campaign we published last fall where we asked artists, designers and crafters their reasons to buy handmade.

vintage and art goodiesvintagegoodies.etsy.comNo. 2. You can be proud knowing that you’re supporting small businesses, Avril Loreti

sycamore street presssycamorestreetpress.com

So get out there and get your hands on some awesome goods made by people who care!

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