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Crayons + rings

Do you have to be a kid to appreciate and love these rad crayon rings by Etsy seller Oh My Lucky Stars? I think not! I’m dying to wear one of these. What will I be doing next time I’m bored inline at the bank or DMV, or waiting for the oil in my car to get changed? COLOR with my crayon ring!

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Hot Etsy Finds: Beat Up Creations

My lovely and crafty web friend, Chantilly of My Girl Thursday, blogged about this shop as an inspiration of hers, and I’m feeling extremely inspired about it as well! I’m on the edge of my seat waiting to see what kind of plate creation Chantilly comes up with. Simultaneously darkly quirky and refreshingly vivid, Beat Up Creations‘ altered antique plates and assembled sculptures took my breath away! I WANT.

PS – It was actually very difficult for me to choose a photo to accompany this post… their items are just TOO awesome. In fact, here are some more links to more super rad Beat Up Creations works of art!

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Stand By Your (Wo)Man

I’m loving the sweet Etsy finds in the newsletter that popped into my inbox this morning! Super fab gifts for the (wo)man in your life… and no it doesn’t have to be for Valentine’s Day!

{ click on the images to view the listing }

I got inspired and starting doing some Etsy perusing myself… wouldn’t this manly felt neckscarf for mid-century tumbler set be huge winners in the gift department?! I think so.

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A VERY Christmas Story

“A Christmas Story” is a favorite in our household… and not just during the holidays. It’s humorous, playful and just downright knee-slappin’, whether you’re a grandma or a wee one. There’s just something irresistible about the bunny suit, the leg lamp, Ralphie’s little brother who “can’t put his arms down”.

Kris from 1 Inch Minis created a mini version of the famed leg lamp, and the details are simply incredible. She twisted embroidery floss into each strand of fringe? Amazing.

So that kind of got me on a “A Christmas Story” kick. I was curious how many Etsy sellers created “A Christmas Story” themed items for their shops. A LOT. Below is some of the rad-ness I found.

Triple Dog Dare necklaceRalphie Paper Doll magnetChristmas Story house printYule Shoot Your Eye Out cross stitchThe Pink Nightmare ornament

I REALLY want to go watch “A Christmas Story” right this second!

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Hot Etsy Finds: Holiday gifts I love!

I’ve been doing quite a bit of Etsy browsing lately.. mostly shopping for friends and family, and maybe a LITTLE looking for myself. Here are a few items that I kinda really want. There’s till time to buy something for someone, from this list, for someone you know… like me. 🙂

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Hot Etsy Finds: Paper Jewelry by Rely Design

I saw one of Rely Design’s items featured in an treasury (don’t you love those!?!) and was a wee bit floored. Paper? Really?! The intricacy and whimsical aesthetic of the designs are quite charming. I’m especially digging the paper brooches pictured below, and some of her paper earring designs.

And these chili peppers are just too fun. A little dose of the spicy Texas culture I grew up in!

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Hot Etsy Finds: jewelry favorites

I browse Etsy sometimes. OKAY… I browse Etsy A LOT. I have a shop on Etsy, I’m web-friendz with bloggers who have Etsy shops and I really try to buy handmade if at all possible, so it makes sense. Plus, handmade stuff on Etsy is sooo much cooler than the crap you get in the stores. Am I right?

All of these jewelry finds are currently in my Etsy favorites. I’m totally craving some fun jewelry-stuffs, even though I just got an amazing glass ring from Glass Elements and an awesome crossed pistols necklace from Foamy Wader at the recent EtsyRAIN Pre-Holiday Craft Show.

Scissors Necklace by LaRu

Embroidered Wood Pendant by The Spotless Loop

Vintage Green Swarovski Bling Ring by Jorgensen Silver

Fools Gold Polyhedron Earrings by Ball and Chain

Anatomical Heart Brooch Pin by House That Crow Built

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Arrows as decor

I keep noticing arrows… vintage ones, crafted ones, arrows as decor. Apparently they’re a design trend! And why not? They’re small and colorful, a little funky and easy to hang or place around the home. They even make great kiddo room decor. Even Nicole, over at Making It Lovely, has added them to her husband’s office and I think it’s a “lovely” addition!

Verlaivans on Etsy


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Screenprinted Handkerchief Invitations

Even though I am no longer a writer for and my wedding has come and gone almost a year ago, sweet and innovative wedding ideas always snap my attention. I’m a longtime reader of Design*Sponge and I spied this amazing rendition of a wedding invitation recently when Grace featured the idea. Uhh… stunning. I’m in so much love with these it’s ridiculous.

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Hot Etsy Finds: Halloween

Is it too early to start featuring some spooky Halloween goodies? I think not! I love the aesthetic of Halloween… everyone disguises themselves in elaborate costumes and makeup, candy is eaten, houses are decorated, crafts are made and it’s pretty much the only day that adults can get away with wearing the most zany, deliciously dark, outfits.

I mean, let’s be honest. I think there is a bit of the dark glittery goth in everyone, and Halloween is the time to let your black soul shine! And the level of creativity really goes through the roof on Halloween, brainstorming and creating costumes and elaborate spooky decor.

I’m sure you’ll see more Halloween-themed Etsy finds from me before the end of October, but I just couldn’t help myself. BOO!

Confession: I LOVED “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” and when I spotted this Cindy Lou wig I about fell out of my chair. What a great costume for a little girl. Or for me!

Gunning for glitter and black this year? I’m sure you could pair this fun cobweb hat with a sex-ay ensemble and sashay your way into the part-ay. (Did you like that rhyming? tee hee…)

Owls are ALL the super rage now. My Grandmother had a collection of owls from the 60s and 70s, and I’m loving the resurgence. We admittedly have quite a few owls adorning our living space as well. This handpainted sign is so festive!

Owls.. AGAIN, in earring form! I just gosh darn love these, and they’re in my husband’s favorite color!

A trio of skellies! These are so spookily adorable, and would be a great Halloween decor addition. Is it just me… or are they smiling?

Embroidery plus ghosts… it’s just too much. I love the texture of this ghost embroidery. Charming, in a haunted way.

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Gimme some color

It’s the end of summer here in Seattle, and to tell you the truth I’m pretty bummed. This summer has been way too darn short, and not even that warm. So I’m going to preserve the last hurrah of summer with a super saturated bright and shiny collection of awesome. Here she blow:

Color Wheel Pendant by Yellow Owl Workshop

Vixen print by Minkee

Glitter Deer Portrait by Magical Pony Farm

Eastern Arch by Spin Thread

Sofa and Log Collage Painting by mosie26

OMG I’m loving this collection!

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Hot Etsy Finds: Vintage Kitchen

My husband is quite the cook. Just this past weekend he made roasted green chile cabrito (goat) burgers, green chile rice and homemade peach cobbler, and last week made refrigerator pickles. I’m a lucky lady, let me tell you!

I’m always on the lookout for kitschy vintage or mid-century era kitchen goodies to decorate HIS favorite workspace, which just happens to be the kitchen. His birthday is coming up pretty soon, and I doubt I’ll be able to resist some of these tasty finds! Check it:

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Hot Etsy Finds: embroidery, letterpress, vintage 50’s

I’m always stalking Etsy for fresh finds, and I’m ALWAYS finding about twenty or thirty things I can’t live without. There is just so much great handmade and vintage on that durn site! Anywhooo… here are some things I’m currently hearting: (more…)

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Hot Etsy Finds: Vintage Embroidery and Needlework

A current obsession of mine has been vintage embroidery, cross-stitch and needlepoint. They’re everywhere! I happen to love the handmade quirkiness of them, and when I spy them while thrifting or shopping I snag ’em up right away. Etsy is a great place to find affordable, unique wall hangings and I’ve gathered a few favorites.

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Hot Etsy Finds: earrings

For years (and much to my mother’s chagrin) I’ve had gauged holes in my lobes only. I never was one for multiple holes, preferring instead to stun with huge holes in my sweet little lobes alone. In an effort to girl-ify myself, and so I could have regular holes to wear special new wedding jewelry, I got a second hole pierced in each ear last year about a month before our wedding.

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