I don’t know about all of you in the world of internetz, but I had a fairly busy weekend! The weather here has taken a turn for the autumn, and the blustery gray rainy days are back. This weekend felt like the beginning of all that, but I didn’t let the weather slow me down one darn bit.

Friday night, even though I was exhausted and stressed from the work week, I met a dear friend out for drinky drinks and tater tots downtown before heading to night two of Seattle’s City Arts Fest. I was covering the Wye Oak/Seabear/Fruit Bats/Blitzen Trapper show for regional music blog Another Rainy Saturday, where you can see my lengthy review of the lineup.

Clem y Iris

On Saturday the action didn’t stop however… as I got three hours of tattoo work in, accomplished by the incredibly talented Andrea at Slave to the Needle Tattoo. She did my back piece, and is now extending that up and over my right shoulder to join with my right upper arm tattoo. After that I’ll be able to work on my planned 3/4 sleeve, though it will be a while before I have the money to get another large piece.

Sunday, the hubs got up early to make two onion custard pies and pralined bacon for our neighborhood brunch. Unfortunately his pie crusts shrank too much and he had to hoof it to the store to get pre-made crusts so that his food would be ready on time! You live and you learn… and the pies were rad and tasty, so it all worked out! The brunch was wonderful and amazing, as always. Our neighbors really know how to bring their A game to the kitchen. I might have drowned myself in champagne punch to dull the tattoo pain… it’s possible.

New laser cut items!

Last week I was testing out some wood on our laser cutter at work, and I made some shapes! These won’t work for my purposes I don’t think (the wood is too soft and thick for pendants) but not I have a better idea of what WILL work. So look for some wooden pieces coming from me at some time in the future!

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