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ACL + bamboo + consignment

I have been an absent little blogger! Tons has been going on, as per the usual, and I’m excited to share what I’ve been up to!

But first thing’s first… I have to profess my happiness that the Austin City Limits Festival is over! I recently took a job as a marketing and social media assistant at Front Gate Tickets (and have been LOVING it) so this was my first year to work at the fest. I loved seeing a few celebs, sweating my ASS off and listening to some super kickass music. A few highlights were: seeing Christian Bale backstage at TV on the Radio, meeting Nick Collison (of the Oklahoma Thunder) in the guest list line and seeing TWO actors from the TV show Friday Night Lights. Oh, and then there was the music: Mavis Staples, Kanye West, Phosphorescent, Tyree Morris and the Hearts of Worship, Alexander, Skrillex, TV on the Radio, Stevie Wonder (I couldn’t hear his set! I was so bummed.), Death from Above 1979, Hayes Carll and Empire of the Sun. And that was all in between working about 25 hours in three days. ROCK.

I also have a new batch of laser cut bamboo items in the shop! I’ve been experimenting with designs and applications and am really enjoying where it’s all going, which leads me to my next topic…

I just scored my first consignment gig! Jenni Charles at the awesome ATown shop here in Austin was super excited about selling some pom pom pillows, kid’s embroideries and some laser cut brooches and necklaces. I’m not sure I’m cut out for consignment, as it’s difficult for me to make quantities of my custom items in a timely fashion, but this is just one way I’m stepping out of my comfort zone and going for it!

In other news, my photos still suck AND I still have some new items to add to my shop (embroidered laser cut bamboo constellation necklaces and some laser cut brooches). But I’m working on it… life is good/crazy/disorderly/exciting!

PS – I’m (slowly) working on some friendship bracelets for my neighbor Mindy’s cutey kids. I hope they like them!

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Eline Pellinkhof’s AWEMAZING wall embroidery

Umm… I’m totally in love with this. Granny + needlework + NEW way to incorporate said aesthetic = AWESOME! I’ve long been a fan of embroidery and other needlework, and the idea of being able to modernize that idea and design into such a big artistic piece is just mind-blowing to me.

She paints these cross stitch and embroidery designs on the wall with cross hatches. When you step back it gives you the whole picture/design. Eline Pellinkhof is a crafty genious! I want this to be in my home SO MUCH.

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The Daily Nail

Whoa. That’s all that came to mind when I first saw this amazing blog. I’ve always loved painting my nails (and have always abhorred having them done at the salon), but this is just taking nail painting to a whole other level. A rockin’ awesome level!

I have now been inspired to get creative with these brittle, non-cooperating oddly-shaped nails of mine. They will become works of ART!

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Punchy artwork by Peter Halley

I’m a huge sucker for big, bold, geometric art and designs. They just speak to the WOW in me. My chin dropped when I saw Peter Halley’s artwork on Design Milk. Beauty!

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Muzik: Spotify & Turntable FM

I switched jobs recently. I no longer work at home (which isn’t my favorite) BUT I do have a much cooler gig! I work at Front Gate Tickets in Marketing/Social Media. SO… music is a really big part of my day. Making playlists, talking about music, writing about music… selling tickets for music shows.

This isn’t really a big shift for me, in a way. I’ve been doing music writing for years, have interned at record labels, and have been immersed in the independent music scene for a long time. Two big new music applications that I’ve been delving into at work are Spotify and Turntable FM.

They both have their pluses and minuses, their fans and haters, and I find myself enjoying both. Spotify (my username is: shriespangler) is great for discovering new music. When I check out an album review or get a suggestion it’s super easy to plug that into Spotify and listen to the album. I also like to subscribe to my friend’s playlists, which can be fun. Such a great way to share playlists! I don’t buy into the premium or upgraded subscription, I’m just running it on free mode right now and have had no problems with it.

I equally enjoy Turntable FM (my username is: Shrie Bradford Spangler). It’s fun to jump in a room with a couple of friends (real or of the “e-friend” variety) and swap turns at playing songs. It’s basically like an online collaborative DJ set. Sometimes it can get tiresome if you don’t want to listen to the same thing your room-mates are playing, but it’s a great online social way to spin some tunes.

So get out there, play some music, share it with some people and GET DOWN!

PS – Wanna create a Turntable FM room with me? I have good taste, I swear.

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Reytan jewelry and art objects

Explosive is one way to describe Denise Julia Reytan‘s jewelry and art installations. I was immediately taken aback and fascinating by the crazy vibrant color, texture and dimension of her pieces.

Bold, brazen and utterly fun, Reytan’s pieces speak to the more adventurous wearer, the lover of color. WANT x a million.

{ via Design Milk }

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Pantone Markers and schtuff

Okay, hold the phone. These Pantone Markers are DELICIOUS. I’m such a geek for Pantone colors, and markers.. oh my! I have hundreds of markers, glitter pens, colored pencils, crayons etc. I just adore them.

Behold these beauties, just waiting to be pressed to some fine gorgeous card stock! Gorgeous. Want.

Life has been… challenging lately. I started a new job, which is really kind of on the edge of my dream job. I’m FINALLY working in music (sorta) and I’m FINALLY getting paid to write and blog about bands. Switching from a work at home attitude to a work at the office during specified hours attitude has been difficult though. Add a new job + school + still trying to craft for my Etsy shop + blogging for Austin Craft Riot + volunteering as Online Publicity Coordinator for Austin Pets Alive! and you’ve got ONE BUSY BEE named Shrie!

Life is oh so busy. But I’m trying to soak up the good parts, deal with the bad parts, and just grow. Things are exciting! Things are good, but things are in flux. Sometimes it’s hard to see the big picture amidst all the worries, gripes, adjustments and hardships of daily life. But I’m working on that…

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Neat, again.

I recently wrote something for the Home Instincts blog that I really enjoyed, so I’m blogging it in its entirety here as well! – Shrie

Oh, how I wish my home was neat as a pin. It’s not TOO cluttered, and it’s not dirty. But there is a satisfaction in having everything in it’s place. With three pets, two jobs, two volunteer-ships, school and my crafting hobby, organizing the house ends up getting bumped down to the near bottom of that list.

When I’m yearning for a little order, I hop on over to the Thing Organized Neatly blog. For to-do listers, organizers and control freaks (like myself) there is something calming about these collections. Artistic really.

That last one is my favorite! Go on, go over to Things Organized Neatly and check it out for yourself.

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Crayons + rings

Do you have to be a kid to appreciate and love these rad crayon rings by Etsy seller Oh My Lucky Stars? I think not! I’m dying to wear one of these. What will I be doing next time I’m bored inline at the bank or DMV, or waiting for the oil in my car to get changed? COLOR with my crayon ring!

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Retro cameras out of paper

COLOR OVERLOAD! I love these paper sculptures of retro electronics. Totally bold and beautiful and intricate works of art. The walkman and cassette tape!

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Polly and me, penpals forever

So I have this penpal. We got matched up through the Reform School. And come to find out… we’re VERY similar. And more than that, I felt an automatic bond, even from many states away. I’ve never spoken to her on the phone, yet I have an idea of what her voice sounds like. We’ve been sending postcards and letters back and forth for months now, almost always on handmade postcards or special stationery. We write to each other like long-known friends, long letters laden with her trademark flowery bubbly script and my messy half print half cursive block print.

My letters to her are often filled with angst, uncertainty about what I’m doing and where I’m going. I battle with many thoughts in my head, and it is immensely helpful to just write them out, lay them out there for someone who doesn’t know you (but in fact knows you quite well) to go through and sort. It helps to have someone else sort out your thoughts sometimes.

I wanted to create a very special present for my penpal. I wanted her to feel the love through this item, and know that it came from the best parts of my heart. So I started working. In between other projects I gave it a little time, until finally, about two months after I started it, it was finished. I knew she would just love it. So I sent it and waited excitedly (I tracked it through the USPS because I was mortified that she wouldn’t get it for some reason).

Little did I know that the very week that I sent her gift package, one of her beloved dogs had passed away. This penpal of mine and I… we love our animals. It’s a big part of what we share together… our devotion to our dogs and cats. Not even knowing that this had happened, I had sent my package right on time. She reported back that she burst into tears and that she couldn’t believe how perfect it was. How I knew her so well! It was just what she needed at that time, she said.

This is why I make things for people. This is why it matters to send mail. This is why connecting matters. Giving gives you just so much more in return…

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Toms does eyewear

I can’t say I’m surprised that Toms branched out. I mean THEY ARE the hipster chic footwear of the last few years (honestly, there is a reason why: comfort, ease, versatility), and stepping into another market where they can make an impact is a logical step.

Hipsters + Toms + glasses = match made in heaven.

*Caveat: I have a pair of Toms and adore them, so don’t hate.

{ via Design Milk }

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Fourth of July DIY post

I put together a snappy Fourth of July DIY post for the Etsy Austin blog. Get your craft on, yo!

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So let’s get this straight…

Please re-blog this if you support love and marriage for all.

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Paint Chip Sample Moving Announcements

I can only HOPE that we’ll be moving soon. I have the “buy a house” bug. We’ll be making the big move sometime in the not-so-distant future, but I wouldn’t be unhappy if it happened sooner than later!

Check out these gorgeous, inventive and affordable paint chip sample moving announcements. Are they not the cutest! LOVE.

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A crafty weekend

Soooo… the Roots & Brew Festival in Temple wasn’t super awesome. Instead of harping on the negatives though, I want to share some positives!

2011-05-21 14.47.07.jpg

Positive #1: I got to hang out with my new friend and crafty lady, Adrian Layne. Her Cuddlestar Baby stuff is SEW cute.

Positive #2: My Mom drove down from east Texas to help me, and it was great to have her support and love there. She is truly an inspiration to me, and what motivated me to become such a crafter in the first place!

Positive #3: I met a new, and uber awesome, friend named Jodi Hopper. She makes the most fun little Lego creations you ever did see. I hope to run into her again in the future!

Positive #4: I sold four things! Albeit very small… I sold some things. (stay positive, Shrie)

2011-05-21 14.48.07.jpg

We also took my Mom to the Renegade Craft Fair here on Sunday. It’s the big daddy of Austin crafting, and BOY were there some awesome wares. I saw many of my crafty friends, like Robo Ruku, Abby Trys Again, Baby Bolt, Squid Ink Kollective, Craft Chi, Foamy Wader (all the way from Seattle!) and more. It was just filled to the brim with creative radness!

And lastly, but most importantly: I’m having a HUGE 35% OFF SALE on everything in my shop until it’s gone. I need to revamp, restart, reimagine, recreate my shop and my creations. I’m suffering from crafter’s lust after seeing so much amazingness at Renegade. I feel like if I want to be successful in what I’m doing I have to start exploring more, narrowing down more and planning more. I’m not putting pressure on myself, just giving myself the opportunity to excel.

So go there! SHOP! Buy! Pass this info on to your friends and family!

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My 2nd Craft Show Attempt

Okay, the first show didn’t go so well. Not many people showed up, it was hot as HADES on the top floor of the coffee shop and well… it just kind of sucked. I chalked it up to my first time etc. and am ready to give it another go!

I’ll be vending the Roots & Brew Festival in Temple, Texas this Saturday the 21st. It’s a country and beer festival that starts around 2pm. Perhaps the people in the mostly conservative hour-away town of Temple won’t really “get” my stuff, as my ever-supportive (but skeptical) husband might say. But I’m going to give it a go anyway.

I created several new pieces for the show (and am still trying to finish two!) and I’m excited about how they look and where my style is heading. Won’t you PLEASE come to the show if you’re in the Central Texas area this weekend? And don’t forget to hit the monster-awesome Renegade Craft Fair in Austin this weekend! Many of my crafty friends will be selling their variously wonderful goods.

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