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Eline Pellinkhof’s AWEMAZING wall embroidery

Umm… I’m totally in love with this. Granny + needlework + NEW way to incorporate said aesthetic = AWESOME! I’ve long been a fan of embroidery and other needlework, and the idea of being able to modernize that idea and design into such a big artistic piece is just mind-blowing to me.

She paints these cross stitch and embroidery designs on the wall with cross hatches. When you step back it gives you the whole picture/design. Eline Pellinkhof is a crafty genious! I want this to be in my home SO MUCH.

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The Daily Nail

Whoa. That’s all that came to mind when I first saw this amazing blog. I’ve always loved painting my nails (and have always abhorred having them done at the salon), but this is just taking nail painting to a whole other level. A rockin’ awesome level!

I have now been inspired to get creative with these brittle, non-cooperating oddly-shaped nails of mine. They will become works of ART!

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Punchy artwork by Peter Halley

I’m a huge sucker for big, bold, geometric art and designs. They just speak to the WOW in me. My chin dropped when I saw Peter Halley’s artwork on Design Milk. Beauty!

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Reytan jewelry and art objects

Explosive is one way to describe Denise Julia Reytan‘s jewelry and art installations. I was immediately taken aback and fascinating by the crazy vibrant color, texture and dimension of her pieces.

Bold, brazen and utterly fun, Reytan’s pieces speak to the more adventurous wearer, the lover of color. WANT x a million.

{ via Design Milk }

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Neat, again.

I recently wrote something for the Home Instincts blog that I really enjoyed, so I’m blogging it in its entirety here as well! – Shrie

Oh, how I wish my home was neat as a pin. It’s not TOO cluttered, and it’s not dirty. But there is a satisfaction in having everything in it’s place. With three pets, two jobs, two volunteer-ships, school and my crafting hobby, organizing the house ends up getting bumped down to the near bottom of that list.

When I’m yearning for a little order, I hop on over to the Thing Organized Neatly blog. For to-do listers, organizers and control freaks (like myself) there is something calming about these collections. Artistic really.

That last one is my favorite! Go on, go over to Things Organized Neatly and check it out for yourself.

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Retro cameras out of paper

COLOR OVERLOAD! I love these paper sculptures of retro electronics. Totally bold and beautiful and intricate works of art. The walkman and cassette tape!

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Hot Etsy Finds: Beat Up Creations

My lovely and crafty web friend, Chantilly of My Girl Thursday, blogged about this shop as an inspiration of hers, and I’m feeling extremely inspired about it as well! I’m on the edge of my seat waiting to see what kind of plate creation Chantilly comes up with. Simultaneously darkly quirky and refreshingly vivid, Beat Up Creations‘ altered antique plates and assembled sculptures took my breath away! I WANT.

PS – It was actually very difficult for me to choose a photo to accompany this post… their items are just TOO awesome. In fact, here are some more links to more super rad Beat Up Creations works of art!

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Pretty Pictures

I’m constantly getting inspired by the photos from my Flickr contacts. Professional photographer or not (and most of my Flickr friends are NOT pro picture-takers), these images just struck a bright chord with me. Enjoy! And click through to see who took them…

All Smiles



Oh, Christmas Tree

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Visual Inspiration: Photos of Fall

Just some images of fall, the feeling that I get, the tastes and the smells that are abound…

Mutant carrot!

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Arrows as decor

I keep noticing arrows… vintage ones, crafted ones, arrows as decor. Apparently they’re a design trend! And why not? They’re small and colorful, a little funky and easy to hang or place around the home. They even make great kiddo room decor. Even Nicole, over at Making It Lovely, has added them to her husband’s office and I think it’s a “lovely” addition!

Verlaivans on Etsy


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Screenprinted Handkerchief Invitations

Even though I am no longer a writer for and my wedding has come and gone almost a year ago, sweet and innovative wedding ideas always snap my attention. I’m a longtime reader of Design*Sponge and I spied this amazing rendition of a wedding invitation recently when Grace featured the idea. Uhh… stunning. I’m in so much love with these it’s ridiculous.

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Visual Inspiration: Waning Summer

Summer is waning into fall. The colors are warm, with an air of cool. Can you feel the breeze? Autumn looks good on ya, girl.

fleamarket food!

Cool Camper

I Heart Fruit


Bee cool

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Modern Family Trees

I don’t have a family yet, unless you count our two cat babies and our two dog babies, but family trees are something of great interest to me. Something about tracing back who you are, understanding where you come from, documenting the blood lines of your life. I come from a big, close family, and even the extended parts of la familia come together for the holidays.

So, needless to say I was stunned at these modern, color-saturated family trees. They have custom pre-printed ones with the names filled in, but you can also buy just the print and write your own names in! A nerdy part of me much prefers the handwritten style. What about you?

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Pretty visuals

I wanted to take some time to browse through my Flickr feed at the many, many inspiring photos people take and post everyday. Here are just a few that caught my eye. I’m in love with the watery vintagey feel of the first three… and the last one? Well, that’s just some stunning stitchery. *love*

seattle tattoo expo


Strawberry Lemonade Vintage Boutique


{Hot Avocados} {Sarah Jurado} {Galexiegirl} {Lagidgette}

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Visual Inspiration: painted driftwood

This image really popped up out of the screen at me. The colors and patterns are stunning, in contrast to the weathered wood. Refreshing and summery!

From artist Ginette Lapalme

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