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Moonage Daydream wallpaper

I’m not pregnant, nor am I even sure Brett and I will have kids. But when I saw this wallpaper I swooned. I adore it. It’s vintage-themed, silvery and has beautiful spacey illustrations. It would be the most perfectly adorable wallpaper for one wall in a space-themed nursery, am I right?

Add some spaceship art, a planet mobile and those gloriously cheesy (and yet at the same time magical) glow in the dark ceiling stars…

{via : Whorange}

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Pretty visuals

I wanted to take some time to browse through my Flickr feed at the many, many inspiring photos people take and post everyday. Here are just a few that caught my eye. I’m in love with the watery vintagey feel of the first three… and the last one? Well, that’s just some stunning stitchery. *love*

seattle tattoo expo


Strawberry Lemonade Vintage Boutique


{Hot Avocados} {Sarah Jurado} {Galexiegirl} {Lagidgette}

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A Place to Hang Your Hat

I’ve been on the lookout for a sturdy, quirky coat rack for a while. I prefer a stand-alone but the options are really limited… they’re either pioneer/woodsy looking or too contemporary/shabby chic. BUT! I have found some rad wall-mounted coat/hat racks. Some are pricey but they’re all beeeyoutiful!

Click on the image to get more info.

Ribbon Coat Rack by Headsprung

DIY Wood Tree

Rebar Coat Rack by Derek Mizner

Eames Hang-It-All by Herman Miller

Note: Danielle Thompson of Thompson Family Life did a DIY version of this $180 Eames coat rack, and it is super rad!

Wave Hanger by Design House Stockholm

Blue Hive Coat Rack by The Crosbie on Etsy

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Visual Inspiration: painted driftwood

This image really popped up out of the screen at me. The colors and patterns are stunning, in contrast to the weathered wood. Refreshing and summery!

From artist Ginette Lapalme

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Shop / Life Update

hubs and I at Kerry Park

A couple of weekends ago mi madre came to visit, all the way from Texas! Luckily the weather in Seattle wasn’t grim and gray as per the usual March days… it was beeautiful. We went to Kerry Park, which boasts the best skyline/view in Seattle, did some estate sale thrifting, took a daytrip to Poulsbo and got her a lil wine crunk at a wine bar in our neighborhood! It was a blast.


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My future home

Ughh… I so want a house. I’m tired of renting, but since we don’t plan on living in Seattle forever, that dream is put on hold til we can move closer to family (well, and so we can actually save money to GET a house). I’m tired of waiting though… and I can already tell what will dominate my creative energy when we get to that much-lauded and anticipated point.


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I used to thrift shop a lot. Back in college, where there were more thrift stores in my town than department stores, it was easy, cost-effective and stylish to dress in thrift store goods. These days I’m less into vintage t-shirts and more into the amazing kitsch you can find in those dusty palaces of discarded goods (one man’s trash!).

With the re-opening of my Etsy shop, my eye has been keen for cutesy little pieces in good condition that I can list for resale. It’s hard not to keep them all! Especially this adorable pomegranate wall hanging. And I hate to break it to ya, but I’m keeping this sweet vintage plate AND this pheasant wall art. They’re just too good to let go of.


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DIY Needlework Kits

One of my new favorite crafty-like things I like to do to occupy my idle time (as if I had any!) is needlework, specifically embroidery. I’m still very much a beginner. My needlework is sketchy to say the least, but it’s oh so rewarding. Nothing makes me happier (well, maybe a few things do) than toiling away at a piece of embroidery and then finishing it! Voila! It becomes an awesome, handmade piece of artistry that I spent hours on! It’s very satisfying.

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Decor-a-Boards from Pop Ink

Buckstop Pop Ink Decor-a-Board

I’m pretty super in love with these Decor-a-Boards from Pop Ink via French Paper. They’re kitschy, rustic and vintage pop art at the same time. They’re $28 plus shipping and are made out of recycled wood scraps and unused lumber. I’m exercising every ounce of control at this very moment, and NOT buying one immediately. I’ll eventually cave.. but today.. Today I will be strong!

I especially love the  Jesus, beaver, squirrel and horse ones!

Here’s just a bit of sunny 60s pop to pull you out of those winter doldrums…  some of my favorite singers are in this Gigi project!

>>> Gigi – Strolling Past The Old Graveyard <<<

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Proof of my handmade pledge

1st bunting project

This holiday season I made the handmade pledge. And while I didn’t make EVERYTHING (except for gifts to the hubs!) I made a valiant effort. I made potholders, partridge ornaments, an apron, bunting and a felt eyeglasses case among other things.

potholder and ornament

I stuck my fingers repeatedly with an embroidery needle, tangled the bobbin thread on my machine about every other time I set to sewing, glued my fingers together accidentally…. suffice it to say I had many crafting injuries.

And my holiday crafting stressed me the heck out! I was freaking about if I was going to get everything done, if people were going to be let down that they didn’t get a fancy new-fangled mall gift etc. My neurosis know no bounds!


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WANT: Office Chalkboard Wall

Photo from Ideal Home, found on Design Sponge

Want want want. If my office had this monster on the wall, organization would be a cinch. Right? When we finally buy our own house, this is mos def going on our office wall.

Found via Design Sponge

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Klaus Haapaniemi's art

Whew, was I blown away with Klaus Haapaniemi‘s art when I first saw it on Loobylu’s blog. Finnish born but living in London, Klaus has done work for Marimekko, which I ADORE, and a jillion other awesome places! His work is fantastic. I’m in love. His work speaks for itself.

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Urban Craft Uprising and new friends

I attended my first Urban Craft Uprising in Seattle this weekend! My friend Kiki and I went towards the last half of the second day on Sunday. I had fears that everything would be sold out and the fair would be a ghost town, but the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall was actually teeming with people. We saw many great vendors, bought some gifts for others and a few little ones for ourselves (button rings via Greenbelts!).

shower art by Ugly Baby

I stopped by longtime favorite Rosalie Gale’s shower art Ugly Baby booth and was tempted to buy one of her pieces again, but resisted! They’re great for gifts, and we even kept one for ourselves which says “Love handles are soft and sexy”. It’s positive affirmation in the morning, let me tell ya.

I was also able to meet and hang out with Bread and Badger lovelies Amanda and Sean. Their etched glass pint glasses, stemware and other doodads are just swell and make great holiday gifts. I’ve personally bought a couple of items from them and they are top notch. They love beer, good home-cooked food and rad company so we got along fabulously!


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Quest for Organization

Organization often eludes even the most put-together and efficient. As I get older the need to be more organized is very apparent… I mean I actually surf the internet for tools to help me stay organized and in-check!

One of the trouble areas in our home is the entryway. The hubs likes to throw everything down wherever, and after some cajoling, we created a quasi-entry way area for his and my things. We situated an old JC Penney TV with a bowling pin lamp and record bowl on top and orange vintage shell chair in an area near our door. The record bowl serves as a key receptacle (so the TV doesn’t get anymore scratched up) and the lamp is a welcome beacon at night. We eventually hope to add an old wood coat rack and some vintage metal hooks to the mix.


While our system is working pretty good, I can’t help but pine for this dandy little organizational number. It would be great for a small apartment or condo, or a more modern abode. Not only can you write on the front, but you can deposit mail and hang your keys as well! Now only if it came with a sturdy purse hook…

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Color Inspiration a la Henry Road

map_fridgeI’m IN LOVE with the way that Paula, owner/designer of the lovely online Henry Road, covered her fridge in maps.

Against the green wall and red poofy wall art, it just looks divine. Simple, quirky, bookish! (My maps/stars/science nerd of a hubs gushed about it as well)

Again, I’m in love with the color choices here. I never think of putting dark blue on the walls, and especially with a bold dash of red (patriotic perhaps?) but the way this room reads is homey, eclectic and refreshing.blue_wall

Those chandeliers are to dye for! And the black and white print curtains add just a touch of breeziness. Paula, you rule at color.

via Apartment Therapy

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Blog Find: Fences Unhinged

Fences came about out of necessity. Luckily, people these days have a sense of humor and have turned the boring (yet lovely) black wrought-in or white picket fence look into something a little more evocative of our individual selves.

DIYed, salvaged, homegrown, hand-sewn, organic, expensive or cheap… fences can be made in ALL shapes and sizes and out of all sorts of materials. I’m loving the inspiration in these photos.

As seen on, where more examples of kooky fences can be found.

*I previously ogled a fantastic fence here and then saw a reproduction of it in front of a house on Lake Sammamish near my home!

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Blog Find: Alexander Girard Bicycles

Oh my. I adore Alexander Girard’s designs. They’re playful and primary, without coming off as childish. That’s why I almost shrieked out loud when I spotted these gorgeous two-wheeled lovelies on Apartment Therapy.

These images find me dreaming of sunny yet cool days spent slowly peddling around town, browsing farmers’ markets and shops. Carefree.


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