1st bunting project

This holiday season I made the handmade pledge. And while I didn’t make EVERYTHING (except for gifts to the hubs!) I made a valiant effort. I made potholders, partridge ornaments, an apron, bunting and a felt eyeglasses case among other things.

potholder and ornament

I stuck my fingers repeatedly with an embroidery needle, tangled the bobbin thread on my machine about every other time I set to sewing, glued my fingers together accidentally…. suffice it to say I had many crafting injuries.

And my holiday crafting stressed me the heck out! I was freaking about if I was going to get everything done, if people were going to be let down that they didn’t get a fancy new-fangled mall gift etc. My neurosis know no bounds!

felt eyeglasses case

In the end I was satisfied with my output, proud of myself for stepping outside my crafting boundaries, and generally boastful of my handmade projects. I feel like the things I make are an extension of who I am, and it’s such a joy, and really a relief, to be able to express that.

If anything, this crafting venture has helped me prove TO MYSELF that I can make awesome things, and with a little practice someone might actually want to pay money (okay, nominally, but money nonetheless) for my rad, handmade wares! It’s all up to me. And in this new year, I’m going to start talking less and doing more.

I am Shrie. I craft, write, design, organize, love… watch me Ggggoooooo!!!

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