My hubby works so hard. He caters to my every need (or a lot of them anyway), he holds down an important job at work, babies our pets and manages to cook a from scratch dinner almost every night. BUT, this guy has a hard time unplugging. He’s strapped to his desk/computer/phone so much that it’s hard for him to ‘unplug’.

A couple of weeks ago, I didn’t give him a choice… I took him to a lake house with no internet connection (gasp!). I invited six of our closest Austin friends and their pups to a lovely lake house on the Llano River that fed right into Lake LBJ. Relaxing doesn’t begin to describe it. Sandy beach, sloping mountains in the backdrop, shallow water for swimming and floating and even a rock cliff to jump off of!

We made tasty meals, drank and DRANK and drank some more, took the dogs down to the water to swim and fetch tennis balls from waaaayy out. It was just great. He unplugged and we all enjoyed each other’s company for two nights. Divine! Sometimes, it really helps to create that awesome place for yourself and yours, if only for a weekend. Expensive? Yes. Worth it? Absofreakinglutely.

Most pics are from the hubby’s Flickr, but a few are from mine.

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