There has been a weird forcefield at work since I gave my notice. Like there is a thick but transparent bubble around me. Everywhere I walk in the building, past people’s desks and conference rooms with swaths of people having meetings I’m no longer invited to, I can feel myself in this bubble. The people who never really liked me ignore me, my participation is no longer relevant. The Abominable Forcefield.

And I have to admit, there is a degree of awesome about that. Selfishly, I feel like it’s nice not to have to worry about that looming deadline or try to push through a project that I didn’t really want to be doing to begin with. It feels great to be freed from the tasks I truly detested and to let go of the hovering disenchantment I’ve been feeling for a while.

paddling off into the sunset

I’m ready to move on, but there’s still that twinge of sadness, that feeling of a life shift. I’m leaving my laidback, young, weird music ticketing marketing job to dive into the more complicated (for me) waters of technical communications for a hosting company. This is silly, but it feels as if I’m finally leaving all of my youth behind in favor of only adult from here on out.

And I think I’m ok with that. As of Tuesday the 24th I will be Shrie Spangler, Technical Communicator at A Small Orange. I’m not sure what the rest of my future holds, but for now I’m going to dig into this new adventure.


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