When you live across the country from your family, days like Thanksgiving have a different meaning than they normally would. While families are traveling today to meet up with various family members, dreading the interactions and the misuderstandings, I’m pining for my family. They have faults like anyone else’s and they’re annoying like anyone else’s, but a day like Thanksgiving is just a little lonelier without them around.

So just like million of families have probably done in the past, and will do tomorrow, I want to tell you all what I’M thankful for.

  • My loving but ever-annoying husband. As headstrong as he likes to be, I know he’s a puddle of sloppy love inside.
  • Our high-maintenance but awesome kids.. I mean pets. Clem, Iris, Puck and Fey. They bring me so much joy each and everyday.
  • My family.. they’re flawed but insanely loving and supportive. Best. Family. Ever. (Mom, Dad, brother) Not to mention the extended family… which is large.
  • Best friend Jamie.. She’s been with me through thick and thin.
  • The fact that I have a job!
  • That we’re able to live in Seattle, in a neighborhood we love, in a house that’s more than big enough for us. We have great neighbors as well!
  • I can write about music if I want, I can write about weddings and babies if I want, and I can blog about design if I want. And I’m thankful that I have the gumption and drive to do what I love!

Really, I’m just thankful for life. I’m thankful for the ways that people touch my life, and the little ways that I can possibly touch someone else’s life. I tend to get WAY too wrapped up in non-important things and forget about what’s important. But now, I just need to remember that it’s all small stuff and I’m NOT gonna sweat it, dammit.

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