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Pack a lunch!

I’m a big believer in taking your lunch, whether it be to work, to school or on the road. It saves money, is usually healthier, and makes for a less wasteful life. I’m totally in love with this new website, Lunch It, Punch It. Three lunch-packing ladies got together and started holding each other accountable, in order to achieve their own personal nutritional and monetary goals, and this little movement was created. There are Lunch It Punch cards to help you stay on track, and recruiting friends is encouraged to help you stay on track. If it wasn’t Friday night, I’d be off packing my lunch right this durn second!

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Gristly Bits

I just want to take a second to mention my lovely husband, his cooking endeavors (he’s similarly obsessed with cooking as I am with crafting) and his long awaited food blog, Gristly Bits. Brett, that’s my husband, used to be married to a chef/cook lady before he met me. When we started dating I realized how fortuitous (another big word!) this was for me.

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