I just want to take a second to mention my lovely husband, his cooking endeavors (he’s similarly obsessed with cooking as I am with crafting) and his long awaited food blog, Gristly Bits. Brett, that’s my husband, used to be married to a chef/cook lady before he met me. When we started dating I realized how fortuitous (another big word!) this was for me.

As a 20 year old college student living in an apartment with my best friend who had pink hair, my daily diet consisted of a lot of Ramen noodles, macaroni and cheese with any number of fun/tasty/spicy additions, and nachos. I had never eaten Indian food or had filet mignon. I didn’t know what mire poix was, or what braising meant, and was that on the stove or in the oven? I was pretty much food clueless. Brett changed ALL that.

So now that I’ve pestered him to no end about chronicling his food adventures, or at least having a written record of things we want to go back and try again or change, he has his own food blog. FINALLY.

Lately, he roasted some goat, made his own version of Bahn Mi in burger form and made several attempts at homemade mascarpone. With each culinary adventure, I swear he gets better. I’m lucky enough to have an extremely awesome home cook as the man of my house. And no… I don’t wanna trade. He’s all mine.

And would you just look at these dogs of ours? Holy crap they’re cute. Clem is the big brother of Iris. And the cats… well they’re old and cranky and as cute as can be!

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