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Tempting Tutorials: simple decor DIY

My style would not be considered minimalistic. The concept of that sounds grand, but when it comes down to it my dream abode would be chock full of kitschy wonder, granny afghans, crayon box color and a teensy bit of glitter. A place where homey meets retro, where my collection of beer koozies can be displayed prominently on a floating wood shelf and my oodles of weird collections have homes.

Likewise, I’m drawn to these fun and simple DIY tutorials that can add a little panache to your space and your life.

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Book Page Fabric

Paper Garland

Chalkboard Globe

Lace Stenciled Frames

My husband, the science and map geek, would adore this chalkboard globe in particular! And I am a lover of lace and spray paint, so I’m certain that project will get attention from the Spangler household in the near future!

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Screenprinted Handkerchief Invitations

Even though I am no longer a writer for OffbeatBride.com and my wedding has come and gone almost a year ago, sweet and innovative wedding ideas always snap my attention. I’m a longtime reader of Design*Sponge and I spied this amazing rendition of a wedding invitation recently when Grace featured the idea. Uhh… stunning. I’m in so much love with these it’s ridiculous.

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WANT: Office Chalkboard Wall

Photo from Ideal Home, found on Design Sponge

Want want want. If my office had this monster on the wall, organization would be a cinch. Right? When we finally buy our own house, this is mos def going on our office wall.

Found via Design Sponge

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Hook It Up: Vintage Hooks

Vintage is good. Sometimes modern and quirky design makes my eyes tired… sometimes I need to see something with rust on it and southern charm ingrained (casualty of my upbringing?) in it.

While scanning a Design Sponge Sneak Peak of illustrator Nick Dewar’s California home I noticed this fantastic hook, which Nick reports is from Hook Lady.

I’m in love with the charm and rustic patina of these hooks. I especially love the horse hooks and the elegant mermaid door knocker!


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