I should be writing in my blog, but I’m not. Instead of keeping up this thing that I’ve known and loved for so long, I’ve let it fall to the wayside. Instead of joyfully blogging I’ve been:

  • Creating a new career website for my freelance writing and editing work
  • Stressing about my job, my freelance jobs, and my career future
  • Going home and (GASP!) reading my book, working on embroidery projects, or just watching a movie instead of working on something super productive

I’ve loved my free time. But now I’m ready to devote a little time to something else. I’ll be doing some freelance web and email marketing work for a local art studio that is opening my neighborhood (and may even be teaching some crafting classes!) in the coming months. And I’m hoping to start reeling in the freelance writing gigs with my new website, once I finally start promoting it.

scatter plot french knot


Things haven’t been super productive around the Spangler house thus far this year, but I’m okay with that. I’m okay with a little free time, a little laziness, and a little room to think.

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