I hate even mentioning my shortfalls. I know I have them.. but who wants to list them out? Well, this year I’m doing things differently. I want to improve, but I don’t want to set rules. So I’m identifying these parts of myself and becoming aware of the ways in which I can change them, if I so wish. And I’m no perfectionist. I don’t WANT to change everything, but I do really need to be aware. Awareness is good.

Along with everything awesome about me, there are a few quirky/unsavory/weird things as well. Things I can’t keep myself from, resist or things I never seem to be able to do.

It pains me so.. but here are some of my shortfalls:

  • jalapeno cream cheese taquitos from 7-11
  • slip-on Vans sneakers
  • expecting too much of my friends and family
  • clinging to past loves and feelings
  • slow to forgive
  • plan EVERYTHING (includes putting even the most miniscule task on my calendar)
  • keeping even the smallest scraps of decorative paper
  • compulsion to make instead of buy (good be seen as a good thing!)
  • ginger ale and root beer
  • greasy taco truck tacos
  • nitpicking

There are many more shortfalls, believe me. But for the sake of my sanity, I’ll stop here. Next up on the docket? Things I’m GOOD at! Yay! I can’t wait for that one. It will be the bandage to my self-esteem that I’ll need after this post 🙂

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