I’m all about any self-made holiday that celebrates independent businesses… and Record Store Day is no exception. It’s a big deal here in Seattle and it seemed as if every indie record shop in the area had some sort of special discount, super-rare or unreleased goodies to offer or even a live performance or two.

We wanted to make it out to Mark Pickerel’s Damaged Goods to see the famed Exene Cervenka perform, but we couldn’t get our shizzit together in time (boo!). So instead we hoofed it to Easy Street Records in West Seattle and did some browsin’. We scored some deals and each brought home three used CDs each.

Beat Happening – “Black Candy”
Stereolab – “Emperor Tomato Ketchup”
Olivia Tremor Control – “Music from the Unrealized Film Script, Dusk at Cubist Castle”

Black Tambourine – “Black Tambourine”
Roots Manuva – “Awfully Deep”
The Might Be Giants – “Apollo 18”

I love music, and digging and listening to old stuff again… making it new again. OH! Did I mention I’ll be writing for a new music blog from now on!? I formerly wrote for the raddest of the rad over at Three Imaginary Girls, and now will be contributing to Ear Candy! Hooray!

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