We love dogs. We’re INSANELY in love with our first born son-dog, Clem. He has been the best thing we’ve ever done together. When we adopted our second born daughter-dog, Iris, we knew she’d be a challenge. She is, after all, a Pit Bull / Catahoula Leopard Dog mix. She is loving, sweet, comical and very intelligent.

We’ve had her for over a year, and have been steadfast in our training, discipline and love. So far, we haven’t been able to find a training method that helps her learn to greet people calmly or walk on a leash without pulling. We walk her and Clem every single day… rare is the day when they both go sans-walk. So our inability to train her correctly has nothing to do with her not getting enough exercise or walking practice. With Clem, as a Chesapeake Bay Retriever / Husky mix, it was a bit difficult walking on a leash as well for a while. The Husky breed are inherently pullers, but he finally got it and is a DOLL on walks (for the most part).

We’ve been to a training class at the Humane Society with Iris and have tried the treat-to-train method. That didn’t work. So now we’re working with a private dog trainer, using only positive reinforcement to train and shape her behavior. So far, we haven’t seen tremendous changes but we’re truckin’ along. She either wears a pack with a few canned goods in the side compartments on walks, or wears a halter, which makes it a bit easier for me to walk her. She still pulls like a mo-fo.

We’re FRUSTRATED. We love our dogs, and know that Iris is a sweet, loving, smart dog. But the way she walks on a leash and greets people, and her on-leash dog aggressiveness / reactivity is making our life very stressful. This is more of a venting post, but if anyone has any tips please feel free to leave them or contact me! I welcome ANY and ALL help.

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