I’m almost 30. So far, my impending age has caused no ill feelings but there are still 36 days until my day of 30. A lot can happen in 36 days.

Instead of focusing on my day of 30, I will be focusing on New Orleans—hubby is taking me for my birthday! Our good friends Kiki and Jamie will also be celebrating in Nawlins’ with us and I couldn’t be happier. Our little house is 10 blocks from the French Quarter and as cute as a button.

Maison Marais 1

Maison Marais 1

What does almost 30 mean to me? Newly sprouted white gray hairs, a more comfortable body, enjoying being at home more than at the bar, an increased longing to spend those precious moments with close friends and family, enjoying making things for people I care about without the stress of having to market and sell them, the completion of my technical writing certification schooling, the beginning of a more active me.

30 or not… I have a feeling this year is going to be puh-retty rad. It’s 2013 and 13 happens to be our magic number. We got married on a Friday, March 13th! My only advice for myself, when I look back upon this post, is to spend more time in the now. That’s it… just be present.

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