My blogging has dropped off for a couple of reasons. I shut down my Etsy shop temporarily to concentrate on moving, and since this blog is directly related to the content of my Etsy shop it made sense to put a temporary kabosh on it.

And we moved, from the beautiful small suburban town of Issaquah to the bustling neighborhood of Columbia City, oft-referred to as the “ghetto” of Seattle. This supposed ghetto has a strong sense of community, a dog park within a 1/2 mile, a small little bar/restaurant strip, has kick-ass Ethiopian, Vietnamese and Mexican taco truck establishments and is a mere bus ride away from downtown.

Take that, Issaquah!

So my new ghetto = the most exciting and fun neighborhood I’ve ever lived in. Just when I get sick of the boxes and seemingly unfinished nature of our new house, I sneak a glance at things that make me happy. Things that are a sign to me that our style is finally emerging, our sense of home is finally settling.

Here are a few superb furniture finds we snagged off Craigslist.

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