I’ve been meaning to make new curtains for our large front window for some time. The sheer ones that were there previously had been left by the people we bought the house from and just weren’t our style. And of course, I cannot allow myself to ever buy curtains because A) they’re usually not that cute and B) I can make them, so why wouldn’t I?

Well, our little pitty Iris made the decision for me last week. We came home to one of the curtains hanging in shreds. She had grabbed a corner of the curtain and shredded it… while still in her dog crate. She’s an industrious one. So I hoofed it to my fave local fabric store, Stitchlab, and nabbed some slightly mid-century style geometric fabric for the curtains. It literally took me one whole Sunday to make those damn things. Working with 11 yards of fabric that needs to be cut, ironed, pinned and sewn is no easy task. Pardon the iPhone photo… but aren’t they cute?!

During that uber-productive weekend we also repotted some plants and got a few new ones. Hoping they all survive. Our crazy big tomato plants aren’t looking so good :(…

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