When the fall weather kicks up in Seattle, there is a little switch that clicks inside of me: CRAFT TIME. I don’t know what it is about the rainy NW weather that makes my hands antsy to craft. Maybe it’s the homebound-ness of it all, the cozy warm house with the cozy warm pets.

This past weekend I decided to practice a little more embroidery. With the help of Sublime Stitching’s awesome Tattoo Your Towels embroidery kit I stitched up a pretty darn cute design on an old green pillowcase I had. Silly me, I ALSO accidentally imprinted the “Test Me” piece of the kit on the pillowcase and it will not wash out! Oh well, it was just for our use anyway.

Again, last night I found myself needing to hold something in my hands and do something productive. There were no half-done projects to finish, and being exhausted from the work day, a new project sounded daunting.

Instead I printed out some Mexican Calaveras art onto cardstock and cut them into little rectangles, to be made into paper tags. I used a decorative edger and a corner rounder to make them fancy, and I’ll string them up with beautiful ribbon. (pics to come)

Now, I’m sure that no one would buy such trivial and inexpensive things as paper tags, but I’m going to list some sets of them on Etsy anyway. I forget that not everyone feels the need to make what they use, or has the patience or little skill!

Speaking of Etsy… I’m back! I only have two items in my shop now, and many more projects in the works (pillows, mobiles, home decor goods etc.), but I want to dive headfirst back in. Gotta get those creative juices flowin’….

So stop by the shop, email me or follow me on Twitter but just keep in touch!

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