Puppy Clem

January marks the birthdays of both of our canine children, Clem and Iris. Felix Cumpleanos mi perros!

As of (approximately) the 6th of January, 2010, the love of our lives, Clem-dog, turned six years old! He has been the best thing that ever happened to us, besides each other, and we feel SOOO fortunate to be able to love on this cutey everyday.

Grown-Up Clem

Clem is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever/Husky mix. Brett got him from the Dallas SPCA and surprised me at work at the record store! We had only been dating about two months, but it was the best decision we ever made. He’s been a buddy dog, a best friend, a cuddly fluffy and a wonderful son.

Puppy Iris

Iris, our second child-dog, came into our life last May. She is a Pit Bull/Catahoula Leopard Dog mix. As of approximately January 9th, she is 1 year old! We’re such a sucker for dogs, and knew we wanted to adopt another. Being such bleeding hearts, the number of pit bulls in the shelter was the only nudge we needed. We saw her online, met up with her foster parent for a meet-and-greet and pretty much loved her immediately.

Grown-Up Iris

She hasn’t been easy… she’s been a challenge in many ways. But we look at it as preparation for other things to come. And how could you not love this face! She is an incessant cuddler, super bouncy and loves to swim and tug!

We don’t have real human children, but these dogs (and our two adorable kitties, Puck and Fey) are very much OUR children. We spend a lot of time exercising them, caring for them, loving on them, playing with them and A LOT of money feeding them good food and keeping them healthy. It’s a lot sometimes… but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Dogs do, in fact, rule.

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