Our first doggie birthday party happened on Clem’s 10 year birthday and Iris’s 5 year birthday. We finally succumbed to the party-pull and did the unthinkable a couple of weeks ago – invited our real-life friends to a party for our dogs in which they were encouraged, but not required, to bring dog toys and treats for showering upon said pooches in a blaze of birthday glory. We are officially THOSE people who treat their dogs like their kids, and well…. aren’t they?

waiting on their guests

Iris in her party hat

Clem in his party hat

We had party hats… OH we had party hats. There were even pup-cakes and a doggy friend (Pugsley) to help the tenacious two enjoy their special day. Our dogs LOVE their people, and that includes people who are important to their parents/pack leaders. The dogs were super pumped to spend the day with their friends and we generally let them misbehave a bit (but of course no begging, incessant butt-licking, humping, malicious stealing of other dog’s bones etc).

Eating their pupcakes

Pugsley won the pup-cake eating contest by a landslide and Iris made our eardrums bleed with the incessant squeaking of her new birthday toys. Clem was his normal self; genial, smiley and generally relishing the limelight. The pups were too pooped to see the last guests out the door, but I’m certain their dreams were speckled with gracious ear rubs, backyard frolicking, and memories of warm friend snuggles.


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