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Turning to crayons for comfort

The last few weeks have been challenging. Nothing crazy happened and no one died, but there has been stress, money talks, career figuring, and more. My mind needs a break sometimes. Here are some things I’ve been loving during a week that really needs a bit more squishy love in it!



Giorgio Moroder Red Bull Select Sound SeriesGiorgio Moroder Sits Down for Lengthy Fireside Chat, Plays Influential Tracks
{see interview/music here}

This guy… this guy. He is a disco pioneer, general music genius, and lover of pop, slanky beats, and dance music. He’s produced and written huge hits for Donna Summer, collaborated with Daft Punk, and inspired a helluva lot of artists in the electro world today.

Ryan Heska artRyan Heska’s art
{see more at BoingBoing}

I am totally in love with Ryan Heska’s art. He has a couple of gallery showings coming up NOWHERE NEAR AUSTIN, so that’s cool. I’ve always loved pinups and artistic nudies, and these cards take that to an oddball extreme not unlike tattoo art.

Natural Wonders coloring bookHruby Sunset page

Indie Rock coloring bookBon Iver page in Indie Rock coloring book

Coloring in my modern coloring books
{like the Indie Rock or Natural Wonders coloring book}

I’ve been turning to my crayons for comfort these days. When my mind gets jumbly and emotions run high sometimes the best remedy is some couch time with my padded plastic rainbow TV tray (from 30 yrs ago), a coloring book out of my collection, and a big honkin’ box of Crayolas (and a cocktail!)


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“Your Woman”

I confess… I have loved and do in fact, still love, White Town’s song “Your Woman” from back in 1997. White Town was pretty much a one-hit wonder, essentially the solo output of straight edge and ex-Marxist Jyoti Prakash Mishra after his other bandmates left him in 1990.

Matinee Records band Cats on Fire recently covered “Your Woman” though, and pretty successfully. Today I am, guiltily, listening to this song over and over and over…

Cats on Fire – Your Woman (the cover)

White Town – Your Woman (the orginal)

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