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ACL + bamboo + consignment

I have been an absent little blogger! Tons has been going on, as per the usual, and I’m excited to share what I’ve been up to!

But first thing’s first… I have to profess my happiness that the Austin City Limits Festival is over! I recently took a job as a marketing and social media assistant at Front Gate Tickets (and have been LOVING it) so this was my first year to work at the fest. I loved seeing a few celebs, sweating my ASS off and listening to some super kickass music. A few highlights were: seeing Christian Bale backstage at TV on the Radio, meeting Nick Collison (of the Oklahoma Thunder) in the guest list line and seeing TWO actors from the TV show Friday Night Lights. Oh, and then there was the music: Mavis Staples, Kanye West, Phosphorescent, Tyree Morris and the Hearts of Worship, Alexander, Skrillex, TV on the Radio, Stevie Wonder (I couldn’t hear his set! I was so bummed.), Death from Above 1979, Hayes Carll and Empire of the Sun. And that was all in between working about 25 hours in three days. ROCK.

I also have a new batch of laser cut bamboo items in the shop! I’ve been experimenting with designs and applications and am really enjoying where it’s all going, which leads me to my next topic…

I just scored my first consignment gig! Jenni Charles at the awesome ATown shop here in Austin was super excited about selling some pom pom pillows, kid’s embroideries and some laser cut brooches and necklaces. I’m not sure I’m cut out for consignment, as it’s difficult for me to make quantities of my custom items in a timely fashion, but this is just one way I’m stepping out of my comfort zone and going for it!

In other news, my photos still suck AND I still have some new items to add to my shop (embroidered laser cut bamboo constellation necklaces and some laser cut brooches). But I’m working on it… life is good/crazy/disorderly/exciting!

PS – I’m (slowly) working on some friendship bracelets for my neighbor Mindy’s cutey kids. I hope they like them!

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Toms does eyewear

I can’t say I’m surprised that Toms branched out. I mean THEY ARE the hipster chic footwear of the last few years (honestly, there is a reason why: comfort, ease, versatility), and stepping into another market where they can make an impact is a logical step.

Hipsters + Toms + glasses = match made in heaven.

*Caveat: I have a pair of Toms and adore them, so don’t hate.

{ via Design Milk }

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Get yer discount here!

I’m sponsoring the lovely and illustrious Chantilly’s blog, My Girl Thursday, this month. If you act now you can nab a coupon code for my shop, as well as for her other sponsors, right now via her latest blog post!

{ Get yer coupon code here, ladies and gents! }

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Pack a lunch!

I’m a big believer in taking your lunch, whether it be to work, to school or on the road. It saves money, is usually healthier, and makes for a less wasteful life. I’m totally in love with this new website, Lunch It, Punch It. Three lunch-packing ladies got together and started holding each other accountable, in order to achieve their own personal nutritional and monetary goals, and this little movement was created. There are Lunch It Punch cards to help you stay on track, and recruiting friends is encouraged to help you stay on track. If it wasn’t Friday night, I’d be off packing my lunch right this durn second!

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New items and internships

I have some new items up in ye olde Etsy shop! I’ve really loved playing with the laser cut acrylic and hope to learn more as I experiment. In the meantime, aren’t these fun (and super affordable)?

Spooky Bob the Bat Necklace


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Advertising and Grab My Button!

Happy Monday! Unfortunately, due to my annoying sinus infection-thingy going on (and a billion glasses of wine last night at our neighborhood wine tasting), I’m sickin’ it at home today. But I have a couple of fantabulous tidbits of news to share with you.


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EtsyRAIN Pre-Holiday Craft Show

I’m really super duper excited about this October, for several reasons.

1: HALLOWEEN! And that means crafty awesomeness all-around.
2. Football! My fantasy football team is teetering on the edge of a win today, so I’m hoping Monday Night Football will treat me right!
3. EtsyRAIN’s Pre-Holiday Craft Show at the Intiman Theatre!

This year I’m interning for the EtsyRAIN group, which I’m already a member of, helping them get the word out about the Pre-Holiday Craft Show. The show will feature only local EtsyRAIN members, and the chosen charity to support is Please check the link out. They’re a fab place doing great things in schools with kiddos.

I’m handling some of the PR, graphics and marketing leading up to the big event and it feels great to be involved! For all your EtsyRAINers out there, I’ll have a blog badge graphic ready for you to handy-dandily place on your blog so you can give the fest a shout out to all your readers!

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