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ACL + bamboo + consignment

I have been an absent little blogger! Tons has been going on, as per the usual, and I’m excited to share what I’ve been up to!

But first thing’s first… I have to profess my happiness that the Austin City Limits Festival is over! I recently took a job as a marketing and social media assistant at Front Gate Tickets (and have been LOVING it) so this was my first year to work at the fest. I loved seeing a few celebs, sweating my ASS off and listening to some super kickass music. A few highlights were: seeing Christian Bale backstage at TV on the Radio, meeting Nick Collison (of the Oklahoma Thunder) in the guest list line and seeing TWO actors from the TV show Friday Night Lights. Oh, and then there was the music: Mavis Staples, Kanye West, Phosphorescent, Tyree Morris and the Hearts of Worship, Alexander, Skrillex, TV on the Radio, Stevie Wonder (I couldn’t hear his set! I was so bummed.), Death from Above 1979, Hayes Carll and Empire of the Sun. And that was all in between working about 25 hours in three days. ROCK.

I also have a new batch of laser cut bamboo items in the shop! I’ve been experimenting with designs and applications and am really enjoying where it’s all going, which leads me to my next topic…

I just scored my first consignment gig! Jenni Charles at the awesome ATown shop here in Austin was super excited about selling some pom pom pillows, kid’s embroideries and some laser cut brooches and necklaces. I’m not sure I’m cut out for consignment, as it’s difficult for me to make quantities of my custom items in a timely fashion, but this is just one way I’m stepping out of my comfort zone and going for it!

In other news, my photos still suck AND I still have some new items to add to my shop (embroidered laser cut bamboo constellation necklaces and some laser cut brooches). But I’m working on it… life is good/crazy/disorderly/exciting!

PS – I’m (slowly) working on some friendship bracelets for my neighbor Mindy’s cutey kids. I hope they like them!

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New in shop: “Put A Bird On It”

I love the TV show Portlandia. It’s insanely funny, and a pretty accurate (albeit jokey) representation of the northwest as a whole. As a recent citizen of Austin, having just made the trek from Seattle to Texas this January, I TOTALLY get the humor.

So I was inspired to tailor my embroidered art to the insanely rad comedy of the show. Now, in my shop, you will find the hilariously re-worked version of the saying “put a bird on it” utilizing a flamingo. I’m almost certain this ISN’T the bird they had in mind when they did the skit but it’s my humorous spin on the idea. I’ve already sold one and just relisted it for sale.

What do you think about making this a series of embroidered art? Perhaps one with an owl, one with a dodo etc? Do tell my dear crafters (and lovers of craft items)!

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M.I.A., not in reference to “Paper Planes”

I’ve been out of pocket, not blogging, away for a while if you will. As part of one of my jobs I blog on a thrice weekly basis on kitchen and bath design trends and products. While not the MOST exciting, it has zapped a lot of my creative blogging energy. That, coupled with life events and STILL trying to manage my two jobs, crafting, blogging, and my doggy and kitty children, I’ve been kind of out of whack!

I wanted to tell you about a couple of new items I’m slowly getting to posting up in my Etsy shop. I have a new line of Travel Tissue Packs and Travel Tea Wallets! I adore small sewing projects. The instant gratification and charming nature of these little items are what I crave in my crafting. They also tend to be fantastic inexpensive, and very useable, gifts.

geometric orange travel tissue pack

bright floral tea wallet

bright floral tea wallet

I also have a new wee embroidery in the shop. If you like eating or cooking, this one’s for you! I’m working on getting posted a new embroidery that I just finished last night that I think is OH SO AWESOME. It has to do with something that rhymes with “Zortlandia” if you know what I mean.

"EAT" embroidery

And last but not least (don’t you despise that saying?! I used it anyway.), I want to share some photos I found while trying to populate one of those big family photo frame doo dads that hang on the wall. The quality is bad because I took pics of them with my phone, but you get the proverbial picture.

Brother, Micah

Me as a baby, mom as a teen

The top photos are two pics of my brother. I won’t go into details, but I miss having my brother around. I want him back, physically and emotionally. The second row of pics are of me as a baby and my Mom as a teen! I love it. Family is important y’all.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMMM!!!!! I heart you x a million.

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I got featured y’all

I soo so so so so love when other Etsy sellers and buyers choose my handmade items to feature in their treasuries! It just blows my mind. So instead of just tweeting out when I’m featured, I wanna try out these cutey patootey little widgets.

So fun huh? Can you pick out my items in the treasury?

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It’s unusually chilly here in the northwest. Today the high is a whopping 23 degrees, and this morning on my adventurous bus transit adventure to work, it was 17 degrees. YES, 17. For a native Texan, that’s a little too cold. We’re trying to embrace it for what it is though, walking to the bars in our neighborhood for toasty happy hours, and throwing snowballs at the dogs.


In crafting news, there are several new items in my shop, including a sweet piece of embroidered artwork, a Texas and a Washington laser cut wooden pendant necklaces, and a wreath embroidered ornament! I’m working, working, working away on making handmade holiday gifts for my family and friends, trying to survive this SNOWPOCALYPSE 2010, and readying my inventory (and myself!) for my first craft show. Whew!

AND my parents are coming to visit next week! So that means the Spangler household needs to get it’s butt in high gear and clean. Because the hizzy is a total mess. I’m excited to see the Dallas Cowboys play their traditional Thanksgiving day game, my husband’s extremely stellar (like the best I’ve ever had) mashed potatoes, roasted turkey, cornbread & chorizo dressing, cranberry relish, roasted brussel sprouts and praline cheesecake… not to mention the dishes that our participating neighbors are bringing as well! That’s a lot of tasty food, eh?

Hungry yet?!

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Rollin’ rollin’ rollin’ into the holiday season

Just a few bits o’ news for you to chew on… my new feature, “Scrapbustin’ Holiday DIYs” is up at! I love doing tutorial roundups. There are so many great DIY projects out there, and with the holidays rolling around, I’m hoping these ideas get a few people rollin’ in the DIY direction.

I created a very fall-like “Gift of Autumn” Etsy treasury to feature some of my favorite Etsy artists. My cupcake wall art was featured in Blue Owl Vintage’s Cupacupacupa Cupcakes! treasury (thanks Amie!). One of my pin cushion listings was featured in a “Sew what do you want for Christmas” treasury, my super geeky Floppy Drive necklace was nabbed for the “Gift for the Geek” treasury AND my super bee-utiful Coral Hawk tote bag was featured in the “Oh the Beauty” treasury as well. Whew! That’s a lot of schtuff.

Oh! And I’m spending a long week in Denver this weekend to visit my very best friend Jamie and her new baby Jasmine! It will be my first time seeing Jasmine, and the Taylor family as a party of three. I’m very excited, and kinda nervous… I feel like this will be the baby litmus test. Do I wanna? Or do I not wanna?

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New items and internships

I have some new items up in ye olde Etsy shop! I’ve really loved playing with the laser cut acrylic and hope to learn more as I experiment. In the meantime, aren’t these fun (and super affordable)?

Spooky Bob the Bat Necklace


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